Key meeting between Ramos and Perez: Ramos stays?

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Key meeting between Ramos and Perez: Ramos stays?

The last talks were held on April 22, and practically nothing new has happened since then. Namely, AS confirmed the allegations of ESPN that a key meeting between Ramos' agents and Florentino Perez will probably be held on Friday, where a possible new contract will be discussed, although no one is optimistic that a final solution or continuation of cooperation will be reached.

The obstacle still remains the request of Real Madrid for the legendary captain to give up the salary in the amount of 10 percent, which the club put in front of all the players, and some have already accepted that their income for this amount is immediately reduced.

Among others, Luka Modric, who recently extended his contract for another year. Ramos believes that he should not accept the reduction and that is why he is getting closer to leaving. However, Ramos does not agree to Real's offer that the contract lasts only one season, which is the club's policy with players at a late playing age.

He would like to be guaranteed two years of cooperation and to end his career in Real Madrid. A turnaround could only happen if Real does what they intend with the contract of Lucas Vasquez. Let us remind you, Real's universal player did not accept the 10% reduction at first, so he was close to moving to Bayern, but then Real changed his mind and gave Vasquez a higher salary than before because the club is guided by the logic that it is more profitable to do so to give money for a new right back.

Manchester City

While waiting for Ramos' representatives and Florentino Perez to sit at the same table and talk, they are waiting for the outcome of the negotiations in Manchester City. Pep Guardiola is a fan of Ramos' character and work, which is why he wants him in Manchester City from the summer in case an agreement is not reached between the two sides.

The Madrid AS writes that Ramos has a two-year contract, which would include an option for one season in one of City's sister clubs, primarily New York City if he wants it. Out of respect for Real, City will not do anything until it is completely clear whether it is definitely over with Ramos or not.

Guardiola would like an excellent defender in rotation with Aymeric Laporte and Ruben Dias, whose arrival from Benfica last summer turned out to be a complete success. In the case of Ramos' departure, Real already has a ready solution in the form of David Alaba.

The Blancos could replace the entire central defender tandem this summer, considering that Rafael Varane is also at the exit door.