Real Madrid is considering Raul as the new coach

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Real Madrid is considering Raul as the new coach

For the second time in his coaching career, Zinedine Zidane left the Real Marida bench on his own initiative. For the first time to the general surprise, and now not so much, because the season ended without a trophy, but far from being under pressure to leave.

In a farewell letter published in the famous AS, he explained that he was leaving due to disagreements with the club management. He pointed out that Florentino Perez and his associates did not show confidence and supported the idea of ​​the project in the long run, which will certainly further worsen the reputation of Real's president, who has already been attacked by the idea of ​​forming the European Super League.

Perez will surely think about that as well, while he is looking for a new chief of the expert staff. That is why the former favorites of the fans, Raul Gonzalez Blanco and Xabi Alonso, are mentioned among the candidates, whose arrival would alleviate the tense situation.

The former striker, who has been working in the junior categories of the Royal Club since 2018 and the former midfielder, who managed to bring the Real Sociedad B team to Segunda, according to some announcements - but still unconfirmed - will have competition in yesterday's Inter coach Antonio Conte and the current Paris Saint-Germain strategist, Mauricio Pochettino.

Figo on Raul

These are two significantly more experienced coaches, although we should not forget that Zidane sat on the bench of the first team after only two years in Castilla. As for the former Real midfielder, Luis Figo, the Portuguese believes that a chance should be given to his former teammate Raul.

"I want Raul to coach Real Madrid because he is my friend and brother, but it depends on the club. In the future, if not now, he will certainly be able to have the opportunity to coach the team of his life." "It is very important that the next coach is someone who, like Zidane, identifies with the club and knows him ", Figo pointed out in an interview with AS, adding that he is sorry that Zidane has not stayed.

When Real experimented with Zidane last time, it turned out to be one of the club's best moves. After he came back again, it was as if he didn't have the same motivation to repeat the same things, which would certainly be impossible (3 Champions Leagues in a row) Maybe the arrival of Raul will be one of the better moves. We'll find out soon what Perez will decide