Rabiot: "I used Pirlo's tips to improve my style of play"

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Rabiot: "I used Pirlo's tips to improve my style of play"

It is written that he won the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup, but the failure in the Champions League (elimination in the eighth-finals from Porto) and the loss of the title (after nine consecutive scudetto) is remembered.

Andrea Pirlo did not succeed, although if you ask the Juventus players, it is not so much the fault of the now replaced head of the professional staff, but themselves. Midfielder Adrien Rabiot humbly admitted that the Old Lady players sometimes did not understand Pirlo, his understanding of football, ideas that he would have, and that in fact the locker room is responsible for the result stumble in the 2020/21 competition.

In the end, Juve had to save its placement in the elite competition in the last round of Serie A, which is why, among other things, the impression of Pirlo's performance is mostly negative. Although ... "We may have struggled because some of us didn't understand Pirlo's ideas.

For example, how to defend ourselves in the 4-4-2 system, how to change the formation, how not to play our favorite positions." "At the end of the championship, I sent a message to Andrea in which I told him that he deserved more time to show the quality of his ideas.

Unfortunately, there is less and less time in modern football," Rabiot was honest in a statement for Gazetta delo sport. The leaders of the giant from Turin have decided to return Massimiliano Allegri to the bench, which shows how inconsistent they are, because, after the parting with Max, two coaching projects failed.

Another chance

Both with Maurizio Sarri and Andre Pirlo, although the players think that the former midfielder deserved another chance. "I'm sorry for Pirlo. I appreciate him both as a person and as an expert. However, he took us to the Champions League and brought two cups to Juventus, which is a great achievement for a young coach." "We had a good relationship.

I used Pirlo's tips to improve my style of play. For example, when it comes to positioning, movements without the ball, passes after one, at most two touches. All of these were indicators of what he was asking of us on the field." "He wanted us to move immediately after receiving the ball, to speed up the game.

I appreciate his style, he refreshed the team, he had clear ideas, although we did not always manage to translate them into action. " Although he leaves the impression of a phlegmatic person, Pirlo is completely different at the end of the field, assures the representative of France.

"I like Pirlo's passion and dedication, which he showed in every training session and game, as well as in the speeches in the locker room, either before the start of the match or during the break between the two halves." "He is extremely passionate when it comes to working.

And really, really connected to Juventus. He gave him his whole heart. And when you give someone a heart, then you don't have much to blame, "Adrien Rabiot thinks.