Joe Hart- New Tottenham player?

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Joe Hart- New Tottenham player?

Hugo Lloris is an irreplaceable link to Tottenham's goal. Paulo Gazzaniga did not impose himself as a credible replacement during the Frenchman's absence due to injury, so Jose Mourinho decided to bring a goalkeeper who will be a reserve for the captain, and the choice fell on - Joe Hart.

Joe Hart was once one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. In the summer of 2006, he came from Shrewsbury Town to Manchester City, which at that time still had no Arab owner. He played 10 seasons in the blue part of Manchester where he made 348 appearances and became a goalkeeper of the English national team.

However, in 2016, City decided to send him on loan to Turin and then to West Ham United. Joe Hart was not the same goalkeeper as he used to be and had to be content with such decisions. The former England international should sign for Tottenham, agreed on the terms of cooperation with the club from London and is expected to be promoted to another reinforcement during the summer transfer window, just days after the contract was signed by Southampton midfielder Pierre Emile Hoybjerg.

Free agent

Hart arrives at the new White Hart Lane as a free agent, since his contract with Burnley, for which he defended in only three games in the last Premier League championship, expired, Nick Pope had the advantage.

Hart is still a good goalkeeper, he is 33 years old, he has a huge experience from the English fields (Manchester City, Tranmere, Blackpool, Birmingham, West Ham), he also tried his hand at wearing the Torino jersey in Italy.

According to the information from England, he has already arrived for medical examinations and his promotion is expected by the end of today, at the latest during tomorrow. Nothing that he accepted the role of reserve and that he will fight with Gazzaniga for the status of second goalkeeper.

The contract will be signed by the summer of 2022. One of the reasons why Tottenham decided to bring Joe Hart, in addition to clear qualities, is the fact that he belongs to the category of "homegrown player" He is a football player who, according to UEFA rules, spent the period from 15 to 21 years of age, regardless of nationality, at least three seasons in the club academy or played for teams from the same federation.

As Tottenham will try to reach the group stage through the qualifiers, it is clear that they need a player who fills the quota. The same rule applies in the Premier League, so Tottenham will benefit from Hart both on the playing and administrative basis. It would be said, a smart move. Especially for matches when Lloris couldn't defend.