German coaches are the formula for trophies

After Jurgen Klopp and Hansi Flick, Thomas Tuchel won the most valuable club trophy

by Sead Dedovic
German coaches are the formula for trophies

It’s not something that many people in the world don’t know, we are talking about it louder and louder, but tonight another confirmation arrives - Germany has the best coaches in the world in recent years! Or if you want it like this: German medicine is the best in the world.

Die Beste, Die Beste. Bayern did not succeed this season. They were eliminated after they were better in the duel against Paris Saint-Germain, however, when it comes to the profession, the Germans do not let go of the European throne.

After Jurgen Klopp and Hansi Flick, Thomas Tuchel won the most valuable club trophy. The old principles and foundations struck back in the academy of Sepp Herberger and the inventions of Ralf Rangnick inspired by the great Valeriy Lobanovskyi once again proved to be the perfect cocktail of football mastery.

This has been recognized by many clubs. Barcelona even recognized it, ​​as evidenced by the words of their new president Laporta, who said a few weeks ago that he would like to see one of the German experts on the bench of the club from the Nou Camp.

But it wasn't recognized by those who had to recognize it. Those, like Manchester City. Clubs that are starving for the European crown. PSG is also one of those clubs. Exactly 156 days ago, on Christmas Eve, in Paris, they made the decision to fire the coach who led them to the first final of the Champions League.

Road to the CL final

And while he was still packing his suitcases, Tuchel's phone rang. London was calling, Roman Abramovich on the line. He was criticized by many - that he returns to the game too quickly, that Chelsea is not a team for him, that he will not be able to help the Blues ...

And Tuchel casually stretched his face into that frigid, sour smile and rolled up his sleeves. When he came, Chelsea was ninth on the table. He finished the season in the TOP 4. He entered the FA Cup finals, beating Real, Atletico, Liverpool, Tottenham ...

He beat Pep Guardiola and Manchester City twice until tonight. Remember, there were those objections: "but City played with the second team" ...
But he showed it wasn't the most important thing Crown on the head of Thomas Tuchel.

And all this in just 156 days. Klopp, Flick, Tuchel ... Who's next? Maybe Julian Nagelsmann next year? Many will tell you that he is the best young coach in the world. And he probably is. And it's not that he doesn't have champion material in his hands.

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