Fate of Mauricio Pochettino is still unknown

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Fate of Mauricio Pochettino is still unknown

The future of Mauricio Pochettino after losing the title of champion of France has been called into question, and in recent days, speculations about his departure from the Princes' Park have become louder only six months after he replaced Thomas Tuchel!

At this moment, no one can be 100 percent sure what will happen to Pochettino, perhaps mostly because the reputable European media are sending different information to the public. Namely, Sky Sport claims that Mauricio Pochettino is in negotiations with Tottenham about returning to the new White Hart Lane, while Radio Monte Carlo, which practically never makes a mistake and when it publishes something, usually claims that Paris is not even considering firing the Argentine coach.

Moreover, RMC spread the news that the leading people of PSG are not worried at all that Pochettino could leave because he had a meeting with the first man Nasser Al Khelaifi and with the sports director Leonardo, on Monday night, where they discussed about the new signings for the next season "Pochettino never showed a desire to leave, nor did the leading people of PSG want him to leave," is the central sentence of the text.

Pochettino's conversation with Al Khelaifi lasted until late at night, where they discussed departures and arrivals in order for PSG to attack the title of French champion again and finally make a step forward in the Champions League or win the CL.

Again, Sky Sport refers to its sources and claims that Pochettino is waiting in North London as a long-term successor of Jose Mourinho. Tottenham president Daniel Levy has recently started making statements such as that "the biggest mistake in his career is that he fired Pochettino", which is a clear signal that they want him back in London, but the question is how real it is.

Especially after the statement that Pochettino gave for the official club website on Thursday morning. "With the work, we are planning and the desire we have, there is a lot of room for progress, for the implementation of great ideas, which guarantees that we will do great things in the future.

There is no perfection in football. But I believe we can be better and better. "


Pochettino was fired from Tottenham in December 2019, but he is still a popular figure at the club where he spent five years as a coach.

Other media claim that the reason for Pochettino's desire to leave is in the alleged quarrel with Leonardo over plans for next season and about new signings, but that story isn't reliable, especially when you take photos from the recent French Cup victory celebration.

Despite that, there are names of Pochetiino's successor, and the shortlisted are allegedly Zinedine Zidane, who officially parted ways with Real today, with him being seen as the next coach of France instead of Didier Deschamps and Antonio Conte when they also see him on the Blancos bench.

This is where Madrid's Marca appears, proverbially familiar with the events at Real, so they claim that after Zidane's departure, Pochettino is now a candidate for the vacant bench. It is no secret that Pochettino is the biggest wish of Florentino Perez, who has been dreaming of him for years in a package with Harry Kane, with the Argentine so far categorically refusing to take over the Royal Club.

As Max Allegri has already chosen Juventus, Pochettino's name is in orbit again. But someone is wrong. And who, we'll find out soon ...