Who are the potential succesors of Zidane?

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Who are the potential succesors of Zidane?

The departure of Zinedine Zidane from Real Madrid definitely marked the beginning of a new, perhaps key period in the modern history of the Royal Club. The appointment of a new coach will definitely show in which direction the further strategy of the biggest club in Europe will move, although, at this moment, the decisions that could be made by the leadership led by Florentino Perez are not very clear.

What is definitely clear is that there are four names in the circle of candidates: Raul Gonzalez, Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Conte, and Xabi Alonso. Reputable Spanish Marca, through its detailed analysis of four strategists, marked their advantages and disadvantages in the fight for perhaps the most important place in the world of football at this moment.

Raul Legendary Raul, the coach of Castilla (Real's second team) is automatically marked as the natural successor of Zinedine Zidane. The so-called family heritage. As his human qualities, things are mentioned that adorned him as a player, and those are respect for hierarchy and charisma, things that are currently seriously lacking in the Royal Club.

Raul's advantage is also the knowledge of home players, who must be part of the new club impulse in the current situation. Of course, inexperience immediately appears as a negative assessment. Although he led his own in the fight for promotion in Segunda, he is still a beginner.

Lack of self-confidence in critical moments could create serious problems for him, and thus spoil the concept of a new project. Antonio Conte If there is a coach in the center of attention of the football public, then it is Antonio Conte.

He is free in the selection after leaving Inter, and in his CV he has four titles in Italy and one in England. Marca presents him as a proven, experienced and winning coach. It is a coach with character, who will not be afraid of the size of the challenge.

He is known for the absolute control of the locker room and is definitely one of the main favorites for the Real bench. The Royal Club enjoys the offensive game and 89 goals scored by Inter last season, which they would like to see at the Bernabeu.

Conte's strictness and the so-called "heavy hand" is something that could be seen as a negative thing from the point of view of Madrid. At Real, they are not used to eccentric coaches, but they like calm coaches as Zidane is.

At one time, captain Sergio Ramos, when Conte was mentioned as a possible successor to Julen Lopetegui, gave his opinion on the temperamental Italian and his style. "Respect is deserved, it is not imposed. There are coaches with whom we have won titles.

Managing a locker room is more important than coaching knowledge," Ramos said at the time.

Mauricio Pochettino

The human profile of Mauricio Poketin has just been drawn according to the measures of the Royal Club. His good relationship with the club and certain moves in the past work in favor of the Argentine.

He is aware that he is extremely appreciated at Real Madrid and he was always willing to take this step. It is a classic profile of a coach who knows how to maintain a good relationship with the locker room, and he also showed enviable tactical skills at Tottenham.

Also, he would not have any problems with the language, temperament in Spain and the public there. Pochettino's negative side at this moment is the unsuccessful period in Paris Saint-Germain. He was left without a Champions League final, as well as without a championship title.

He has much less charisma than Conte, but also a less emotional connection with Real than Raul. If PSG does not give him up in advance, it will not be so easy for him to leave Paris. Xabi Alonso If the Spanish media trust someone when it comes to future great coaches, then it is Xabi Alonso.

His first steps were quite exciting, he secured a historic promotion in Segunda with the second Real Sociedad team and told everyone that he was ready for bigger challenges. Tactical details and understanding of the football game promise his bright coaching future.

It is believed that even Real could be designed according to his ideas which could bring him a recognizable game he has been missing lately. His charisma and connection to the Royal Club have never been disputed. Similar question marks as with Raul are placed behind the name of Xabi Alonso.

It could be easily proved that he is still inexperienced for this challenge, which would also disrupt the whole concept and affect him to burn out as a coach.