Antonio Conte plans to leave the club due to disagreements

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Antonio Conte plans to leave the club due to disagreements

The season of Inter to remember and the Scudetto won after 11 years were not enough to leave financial problems in the shadows, and the extent to which the Nerazzurri are pressed by the money deficit best reflects the news that resonated from the Apennines this morning - Antonio Conte and Inter are parting.

The "divorce" of the strategist and the current club was exclusively announced by Gazetta, which points out that the official end of the cooperation could come in the next 48 hours. According to the same source, the decision of the Italian strategist is final, and even if there is a meeting with Steven Zhang, it will only be a protocol meeting which will make the end of one episode official.

The obstacle that was found between the management of the Milan club and the creators of great success were financial problems that were not neutralized even by winning the title. Under the pressure of debts, Zheng announced cuts in the midst of the championship celebration.

The first proposal of the owner of Inter was for the players to give up their income for one month, which met with a negative reaction from both the players and the professional staff, which was followed by the club's projections that the imperative is to make a profit of 100,000,000 euros in the upcoming season.

Selling players

Such plans involve the sale of several players, with at least one capital sale. The idea of ​​the leadership caused bitterness among Conte, who is aware that if Inter wants to continue with its successes, not only they can't sale, but they would have to significantly increase the competition in the playing staff.

The fact that the club let Conte down and gave up the highest ambitions immediately after the long-awaited trophy influenced the strategist to make a final decision, and the new Italian champion will pay the price by parting with the most deserving man for Scudetto they dreamed of for more than a decade.

Recall, Conte arrived at the club in May 2019, ten months after the parting with Chelsea, and the first disagreements with the management occurred in the fall, when there was loud talk about parting, but the passing of visions remained on the sidelines after the success of Nerazzurri.

Conte remained on the bench. However, the new obstacle was obviously something he couldn't endure. It is certain that it will be a big loss for Inter, which will have to look for a new coach as soon as possible, and someone who could replace such an expert.