Gareth Bale plans to retire after the European Championships!

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Gareth Bale plans to retire after the European Championships!

Real's a priori is to clear the locker room of players with high salaries and without an adequate role, which would potentially open space for bringing in new players. - There is already a list of those who have been declared redundant at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, and perhaps the two biggest problems for Real are the million-dollar contracts of Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale.

The Madrid AS writes that they both earn close to 30,000,000 euros gross annually, while their performance is marginal. More precisely, Bale does not even play for the Blancos, although he has now returned from a loan from Tottenham, while Hazard's four goals and one assist cannot justify the amount of money that arrives in his bank account weekly or annually.

At the end of the season, Hazard was left without a place in the team again, he did not even play against Villarreal and his case is complicated. Before meeting Villarreal at the end of the season, the Belgian had a conversation with Florentino Perez, where he had to explain to the first man of the club the nature of his last injury.

Hazard told about the pain in his right thigh muscle, and he finished the season with only 532 minutes in 14 league games. In all competitions, he did not reach 90 minutes, so not even a full ten games on the field, although Real played as many as 52 matches.

He is still under the protectorate of Zinedine Zidane, who is somewhere between leaving and staying, with the protection of the idol of the Belgian offensive player not being able to help in a situation when Real is struggling to relieve itself of unnecessary costs in a pandemic state.


And his salary is when they got absolutely nothing from him in these two years. The story is similar with Bale's. He has returned from a loan from Tottenham and has a contract with Real for another year. He recently "threatened" to stay in Madrid until the end of his contract, where he earns fabulous money for just training, however ...

Circumstances have allegedly changed. Namely, the media from Wales write about Bale's idea to retire from football immediately after the European Championship! He allegedly talks intensively about it with his family, but he has not yet made a final decision.

If he is ready to put an end to his football career a year before the expiration of his contract, it is clear that he would have to agree to a compromise in negotiations with Real over an earlier termination of cooperation, with the question of whether Bale will give up the money waiting for him in Madrid.

even if he will play or not. Real's problem is that no one wants to pay Bale almost 700,000 euros a week with bonuses, and he does not agree to a lower salary. This brings both sides to a dead end.