Copa America will be Messi's last chance for the trophy

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Copa America will be Messi's last chance for the trophy

The last train. A chance to shut the critics', at least in part. Because Lionel Messi is also sick of the stories that he has never won anything with Argentina Fate is really cruel to one of the best football players in the world of all time.

According to many - the best. Although, opponents will always state as an argument that nothing has been won with the national team. Except for the Olympics. One World Cup final, three Copa America finals, and all four - defeat.

No trophy. That is why the upcoming edition of Copa is a competition that Messi must win. Because it is played in the middle of Argentina, in his homeland. At 33, he will hardly have a better chance. They may not have another one.

Well, if he doesn't raise the cup this summer, his countrymen will never forgive him. The ace of Barcelona is also aware of that. And that is why he arrives in Buenos Aires tomorrow and starts preparations. "The whole group of players is excited that we will play in Argentina, we can't wait.

It's been a long time since we've been together, so we're eager to get together." "This will be a special Copa America, different since there will be no fans. But, regardless of everything, I have a huge desire to be there, "Messi told Ole.


As a boy, Leo left Argentina for Spain, so his compatriots who dispute him claim that he is not a real "gaucho", that he does not feel the national team jersey in the same way as the boys who started building their careers in the country where they were born.

But, of course, Messi says that such stories have nothing to do with reality. He will celebrate his 34th birthday in the middle of Argentine and his biggest gift would be a trophy. "Although I came to Barcelona as a young man, I never left Argentina.

Everything that always happened to me was related to our country, my family and friends are still there." "I love to come home, to Rosario, to be there with my childhood friends, to make a barbecue, to hang out ...

Maybe because I left young, something always pulls me to come back ", admitted Leo Messi. Argentina will play in Group A at the Copa America, and its rivals will be Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. Messi is aware of how great an opportunity this is and indeed Argentina will have the best chance of winning the trophy.