Benzema: "I hugged my daughter and then the phone started ringing"

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Benzema: "I hugged my daughter and then the phone started ringing"

The whole of Europe has risen to its feet. Six years after the affair in the national team, the coach of France, Didier Deschamps, went over everything, returned Karim Benzema to the national team, and, twenty days before the start of the European Championship, made them even bigger favorites to conquer the Old Continent.

Football fans, especially in France, wanted to see the world champion in action with one of the best strikers in the world, who, it seems only now, at the age of 33, is at the peak of his career. Hence, Deschamps' decision to return Benzema under the French flag was greeted with enthusiasm by many.

The decision, which a week later he decided to talk about in a big interview for L'Equipe, is Benzema. That decision that Tuesday, for the first time in a year and a half, pushed the news about the coronavirus into the background.

"That's good news ha-ha-ha! It's funny because a lot of people told me that. Tuesday was a special day. It was an indication that everyone was expecting my return, all generations." "And I was very, very happy.

I was at home in Madrid and I received a lot of messages until the next morning Everyone was waiting for the moment the list was published." "The rumors spread, it was the event of the day and I was waiting like everyone else, in front of the TV, on the phone line with relatives, mother, father…" "I will not lie to you, everything passed so quickly.

It was a great feeling of joy and pride. I very quickly remembered all those moments when I did not give up. It was a small shock, it was a long time." "Deep in I was very happy. I hugged my daughter and then the phone started ringing ", recounts Benzema the moment he found out that he will be part of the national team for the upcoming European Championship.


Although a lot of time has passed since his last appearance for the national team, Benzema does not hide that he hoped for a call-up after an exceptional individual season. Did he expect it? "I'm not going to say no or no.

I was hoping, I was. I've always hoped, because I never give up, I'm always ready." And he didn't give up. There was no invitation, but he did not want to say goodbye to the national jersey, although he admits that it was not easy.

"It was difficult, especially at the beginning. Soon after that, I told myself that it was an obstacle that was an integral part of my career." "It was difficult because at every national team break 25 out of 26 Real players would get a call.

And I trained with reserves. and young players." "But I couldn't give up. I knew things would turn around. I always thought so. In those moments, I became stronger physically and mentally. I started working harder than the others. "