De Bruyne: Premier League player of the season

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De Bruyne: Premier League player of the season

Journalists opted for Jordan Henderson, fans for Kevin de Bruyne. The Belgian from Manchester City was named the best player in the English Premier League for the 2019/2020 season. This season he was great, but also the previous ones.

He was the main link of Manchester City and it would be difficult for them to be second on the table without him. Last night, De Bruyne showed what he can do, but even that was not enough to get to the semifinals of the Champions League.

Let's go back to 2015. De Bruyne came from Wolfsburg to Manchester City for 75 million euros. Previously he had a great season in Wolfsburg where he scored 16 goals and recorded a large number of assists. He attracted the attention of many clubs that summer but still chose Manchester City.

It turned out to be a good decision. He played 222 games for City in which he was crucial in many matches. However, he never managed to achieve with them what he wanted - the Champions League. Will De Bruyne choose another club this summer that could it bring him the much-coveted trophy? We'll find out.

Despite all this, it has caused controversy as to whether the choice is credible. Henderson may not be completely clear either - according to all parameters, Sadio Mane should have finished on the throne - but he will rebel at Anfield as if in the competitive year marked by the first title for Liverpool after 30 years of waiting for the award, it went to the rival whose the club was 18 points behind the champion.

De Bruyne broke the record

The explanation states that Kevin de Bruyne deserved the award by recording 20 assists and thus equalizing the record of Thierry Henry from 2003 in the number of goals scored in one season. Plus, the impression that he was the best and most agile player of the Citizens.

And yet, Pep Guardiola's team finished only in second place, saying goodbye to the title before the end of 2019. Liverpool was too strong for everyone, including Manchester City. Many believed that Liverpool would start playing badly in the second part of the season.

However, that did not happen. This time they lasted until the end of the season and they brought the long-awaited title. The general opinion is that the award for the player of the season - whether chosen by journalists or fans - must have belonged to someone from the champion generation of Liverpool.

In the competition were Sadio Mane, Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander Arnold, much fewer chances were given to Burnley goalkeeper Nick Pope, and Southampton and Leicester strikers, Dany Ings and Jamie Vardy. No wonder so.

Liverpool was the best team of this season and almost no one could match them throughout the season. In the end, he celebrated De Bruyne. Which corrected the mistake from the previous championship, in which he was also great, led Manchester City to the title, and the recognition for the best player ended up in the hands of Mohamed Salah. These English elections are strange ...