Luis Suarez will stay at Atletico Madrid!

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Luis Suarez will stay at Atletico Madrid!

He returned the title to the red and white part of Madrid after six years, and only a few days later Luis Suarez delighted the Atletico fans again. A short but very effective statement. "Yes, for sure," the Uruguayan answered the question of Movistar TV journalists whether he will wear Atletico Madrid jersey next season as well.

Not that it was especially in question, since he signed a two-year contract after arriving from Barcelona last summer, but after a fantastic season in which he scored 21 goals and led the team to the Spanish title, there were skeptics among Atletico fans that someone would not steal him from Wanda Metropolitano.

The 34-year-old goal scorer showed that Barcelona wrote him off too soon. He dragged the team and then, when it was most needed, he hit once again. For 2: 1 against Valladolid in the last round and three points that saved the first place.

The last whistle on Saturday night was followed by an emotional breakdown and tears of joy on Luis Suarez's face while he was still talking to his wife by video call on the field.

Tears of joy

"My wife was with me every day.

Last summer was very difficult for us, for someone who has three children and orderly life. We suffered a lot, and only my wife knows how much I dedicated myself to show that I can still be on top. It was tears of joy, "said the Uruguayan, who left the Catalans after six years at Camp Nou.

Atletico welcomed him with open arms. "I was welcomed at Athletic from the first minute. I was treated great from the beginning. I asked the people at the club if they had a place in the museum for me, because I am ready to enroll in Athletic's history."

Said - done, for what he did, there will surely be a place to get his corner. It seems that Suarez really cared to show that he is still at the top level and to show Barcelona how much mistake they made That was exactly the main motive of the Uruguayan this season, and in the end he succeeded.

The best indicator of his happiness are tears, and we hope that Suarez can be the same in the coming seasons Given the trust he has received from Atletico Madrid, Suarez will do his best as before, and who knows, maybe he will reach the title in the coming years.