Capello believes Atalanta will be fighting for the Scudetto

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Capello believes Atalanta will be fighting for the Scudetto

Fabio Capello is still active in the media. The famous coach spoke for Corriere dello Sport about the impression left on him by Antonio Conte at Inter, Andrea Pirlo at Juventus, and Gian Piero Gasperini at Atalanta. We will start from the last one because he received the biggest praise.

"Gasperini's Atalanta is like a car. Carburetor and automatic. It has a system and attitude, which bring good releases, however, they felt disappointed, and that draws energy," the trophy coach pointed out. The club from Bergamo has established itself among the leaders in Italian football, and Capello is convinced that they can soon reach their first Italian title.

"Listen to what I have to say: pay attention to Atalanta in the next race for the Scudetto. They have no debts, they have an excellent coach and a president who understands football." "They even have money to invest.

Just look at how they solved the problem with Papu Gomez, who was an important player for their team (sold to Sevilla at the request of the player for 5,500,000 euros plus bonuses) ", the 74-year-old strategist reminded.

As the coach who brought Juventus three titles, Capello had a special focus on the performance of Andrea Pirlo in his debut season on the bench of the Turin Old Lady. "It took him time to get used to it. He had to pay the price for his inexperience, because he didn't lead the youth before, and it's not an easy transition from player to coach."

"It's about completely different professions. I think that lately, he has managed to put some ideas into action, leaving out those who do not fit into his ideas and are at the exit door." "Juve now has an identity, based on the determination.

They seem strong again, he has found the form, self-confidence, and the way they should look. I see them playing well in the future, "Capello pointed out.

Capello praised Conte

The champion, Antonio Conte, also deserved nice words.

Already in the second season, he brought the title to the black and blues from Milan. "Without a doubt, this could be the beginning of Inter's dominance under Conte. Of course, if there is no sale of players. At the moment, a lot is unknown about Inter," states the famous strategist.

When it comes to the race for the last place in the Champions League, Capello sees Napoli there, but he points out that he also believes in the victories of Milan and Juventus, which would be in vain if the Neapolitans win three points at home against Verona.

"Verona is a well-organized team, but they don't have a strong defense, and they play against a great attack. I think that Napoli will solve that game in their favor," concluded Fabio Capello.