Luis Suarez proved to Barcelona that he is still a top player

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Luis Suarez proved to Barcelona that he is still a top player
Luis Suarez proved to Barcelona that he is still a top player (Provided by Sport World News)

Like in the former Hollywood movie "Cinderella Man" based on the true story of James Braddock, a boxer from the period of two world wars, who was banned from fighting because they thought he wasn't good enough, and a few years later, due to a combination of circumstances, when he returned to the ring, he made his way to the title of world champion.

Not everything, in this case, is the same, but Luis Suarez went through a similar journey. Last summer, Barcelona threw him away like a worn, torn rag. For no real reason, they declared him redundant, a worn-out player from whom there is no more "bread".

He was embraced by Atletico and from tonight it all became a fairy tale. Like Cinderella. Luis Suarez brought the title for Atletico Madrid, scoring a goal that secured them the championship throne. And he showed that he is still a lot better than many Barcelona players, except for Leo Messi, Suarez could not and did not want to hide his tears after he found himself on the throne of Spanish football.

He said to the camera: "I want to thank Atletico Madrid for believing in me. The situation last summer was difficult. Barcelona estimated that I was no longer worth it, and Atletico opened the door for me to prove that I can still be useful." "My whole family suffered a year ago, more than ever since I played football.

I will always be indebted to this club ", said Luis Suarez.

Barcelona made a mistake

Although hardly any Atletico Madrid fan would experience it that way today, they would rather say that Atletico is the one who owes Suarez.

The Uruguayan came to Wanda Metropolitano and brought the winning mentality, which could eventually be seen Barcelona is aware that they made a huge mistake, but it seems that Barcelona's goal was to rejuvenate the team and create a new team based on young players.

Still, almost no young player has justified what was expected of him this season, and this is perhaps one of Barcelona’s worse seasons. It was felt that the team needed both experience and young blood. However, something did not work.

Koeman stated that he believes that his team does not have enough quality. But maybe it was Suarez who could be the one who would bring quality, and at least have a little influence on their results. But now it's too late for everything. Barcelona will have to invest money this summer if they want better results next season