Leo Messi revealed what his childhood looked like

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Leo Messi revealed what his childhood looked like

Lionel Messi gave an interview for the respected Argentine Ole, in which he recalled literally all the important details in his life. He spent his days on the streets with the ball when he was practically four years old, and now he has reached the moment when he can slowly think about the last years of his professional career.

Ronald Koeman has already allowed him to go on vacation, so he will skip the match of the last round with Eibar, so now he has enough time to think about his future, but also to gain the energy for the Copa America, a competition that will be played in parallel with the European Championship.

As he thinks about the future, the memory of his earliest childhood follows. His grandmother was directly responsible for his football beginnings on the streets of Rosario. "One older team was missing a player, and my grandmother started shouting to the coach: Put him in the game!

The answer followed: No, look how small he is, you're crazy, we will hurt him!" "But she was determined, I went in and did a couple of good things., and when she returned home she said: "Buy him football boots, I'm taking him to train next week.

When I was four or five, I was already going everywhere with the ball, practically from the moment I walked in." "I remember my first matches in Grandoli. I have older brothers and cousins, I always wanted to play with them.

I started playing for the club at the age of four, "Messi revealed.

La Masia

From the age of seven, Messi found himself in the youth of Newells, and the transfer to Barcelona's La Masia happened in 2000 when he was 13 years old.

Those were perhaps the most stressful moments of his life. "It is true that making that decision was difficult, but at the same time fast. I did not hesitate and think. It was difficult because I could not play, and then I started and got injured."

"I could not compete for almost a year. I trained, but it wasn't the same. Still, I was lucky that all of that ended. I always came back from Rosario crying." "I wanted to come here to Barcelona, ​​but at the same time, it was hard for me to leave everything.

I lost a lot of friends, communication was very difficult then, today any child aged 13 or 14 have a phone, and that was not possible then. "