Harry Kane: "I think Daniel Levy would like to sell me."

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Harry Kane: "I think Daniel Levy would like to sell me."

Harry Kane left a lot of room to shape his own destiny this summer. He neither said he was leaving Tottenham nor did he say he was staying. However, through the competent first interview after the announced end of cooperation with the club from London, he has the impression that he is counting the last days on White Hart Lane and that he will say goodbye to the club where he grew up to become a world star on Sunday afternoon.

He built the status of a member of the national team a long time ago, he is rumored to be one of the best center forwards today, the only thing is that the display case intended for trophies is empty. It would be good for a football player of that caliber to start filling it.

Where else but in the clubs that are striving for the trophies, so Manchester City and Manchester United have already positioned themselves as the main candidates for his signature, while Chelsea is looking from the sidelines.

"I can offer a lot more. Better numbers could be next to my name than they are now," Kane said honestly and ambitiously in a conversation with Gary Neville from Sky Sports. Warming up before far more interesting statements.

We don't remember when he was as eloquent, open, and direct as he was today. "I'm not afraid to make a wish: 'I want to be the best.' My plan is to try to reach the level that Ronaldo and Messi are at.

My ultimate goal is to win trophies every year, and to score 50, 60, or 70 goals per season." "The pressure I put in front of me is bigger than anyone has ever put in front of me. I would not like to approach the end of my career and regret anything.

I want to be the best. " One of the reasons that led Kane to think about the transfer is that he will be without European football, as well as the unclear plan when it comes to the profession, because after Mauricio Pochettino came Jose Mourinho, and he did nothing important with Tottenham "I never said I would stay at Tottenham until the end of my career, just as I never said I would leave.

People may say "Kane desperately wants trophies, he needs them", but it seems to me that my whole career is just waiting for me." "I still have seven or eight years of career left, the same as I have already played in the Premier League.

That's why I'm in no hurry, in the sense that I'm desperate to do something. "

Champions League

It seems that the greatest wish of the 27-year-old spitz is to compete at the highest level. And that is the Champions League.

Especially since this season two Premier League clubs, Manchester City and Chelsea have reached the final. "I want to play the biggest games. I watched the Champions League matches this season and how the English representatives play great football."

"I also want to take part in such duels. This is the moment in my career when I have to determine where I am and what I am. In the end, everything will depend on me, how I will feel and what is best for me as a football player and for my career.

" Now, will President Daniel Levy release him? Kane's contract is valid until 2024. His market price is 120,000,000 euros. "He is extraordinary to me. He would reward me with a new contract every time. When I was 21, he gave me a contract for four, then for five years, constantly extending it."

"He was really honest all the time, we built a good relationship. To be honest, I'm not sure how our conversation will go, but it's not Dani Levy who decides my fate, it's me." "After all, I have been in the club since I was 16, and I hope that after all, we could decide what is best for everyone through an honest conversation.

" If the first man of the club is as stubborn as he knows, the scenario may be repeated with Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, who almost went on strike in order to box transfers to Real Madrid. Harry Kane owed Tottenham so much that the only fair thing would be for Levy to let him go.

A "I think Daniel Levy would like to sell me. Maybe he's thinking, "If I get £ 100,000,000 for him, why not?" You know what I mean. Because, in two or three years, I won't be worth that much ", Kane is realistic.