Gianluigi Buffon still doesn't know if he will retire

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Gianluigi Buffon still doesn't know if he will retire

The end has come, Gianluigi Buffon lifted the trophy in the Italian Cup, but apparently, he has not yet decided to hang his gloves on the peg. Something in himself doesn't seem to allow him to say goodbye to the most important side thing in the world, so at this moment he is looking for a new challenge, ambitious enough to extract energy from the legendary keeper of the network, which is obviously progressing.

Although no one is allowed to claim that anymore, the match with Atalanta was probably his last in the Bianconeri jersey. With his very good game, he made a significant contribution to winning the record sixth trophy of this competition in his career.

"This ending makes me proud and so happy, because I shared this winning final with my teammates and fans, putting icing on the cake." "Fans, Juventus employees, my teammates, and directors will always be a part of my life.

The end of this relationship does not end. I think I have given a lot of love, professionalism, and courage to the whole Juventus world." "I am proud of it. All things have to end. I am 43 years old and at this age, you have to make decisions that may seem unpopular, strange, even crazy, but I came to the age of 43 because that little spark of madness allowed me not to set limits and dream at every moment of my life, "Buffon told Rai Sport.

Next destination

All the cards are open, it is possible to open a new page in life, but also the continuation of such an unreal football career. "I'm happy when I can dream, open new horizons, dedicate myself to new projects and new challenges.

I might not win anything, but that's not what interests me." "I never played to get to the trophy, I played to go on trips, challenged myself. That is the essence of my existence. I still have to challenge myself, to travel and see where the boundaries of my body, energy, and my essence are."

"I already said last week, I don't know what will happen. I am a happy man with a family that I love. " So, the option for continuing the career that started back in 1995 on Parma's goal is quite open. "If there is someone even crazier than me, who contacts me and imagines something even more wonderful, I will follow that person, because that is my life."

"I would be more than capable of that. In my mind, life must be lived to the last second, with enthusiasm, the desire to surprise yourself more than others." "I am someone who has asked so much of myself, probably more than people have asked of me.

As long as I possess arrogance or assume I am a good goalkeeper, I will go on and find something exciting." "If I don't find nothing exciting, I could retire, because I have done more or less everything in my career so far "