Andrea Pirlo wants to stay at Juventus next season

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Andrea Pirlo wants to stay at Juventus next season

Amazing day for Andrea Pirlo. He celebrated his birthday and won another title on the Juventus bench. However, it is not the Scudetto, but the Italian Cup, and after the match and the victory over Atalanta, he explained that he would like to spend another season on the Juventus bench.

There was a lot of criticism for his work, some negativity crept into the ranks of the blacks and whites from Turin, but Pirlo is now trying to emphasize only what is positive, and that is the Cup trophy. After this success, Pirlo appeared in front of the press and said that he would like to see himself on the bench of the Old Lady next season as well.

"Of course I would like to confirm myself in this role. I loved football as a child and I will continue to love it. The club will decide, but I like to do this job, I love the club and we will see what will be decided. I would like to continue."

Pirlo is clear. Pirlo won the Italian Cup both as a player and as a coach. Which is harder? "It's much harder to do that as a coach than as a player. Sometimes you call the players and they don't hear you. Or you see things from the side that they can't from the field."

"The guys have always been with me 100 percent and that satisfies me as a coach. Regardless of the gossip and what is being said in the newspapers, "Pirlo said.

Pirlo on final

When it comes to the finals, Pirlo is very satisfied.

"It was a beautiful game. Wort the finale. I'm glad for the fans, we gave them a great night. We wanted to reach the trophy, although this is not a positive season. We put it in our heads that this is an important goal and we fulfilled it.

", he said after the final. Juventus can still reach the place that leads to the Champions League if they win Bologna, and at the same time, Milan or Napoli do not win. "We wouldn't be talking about this now if we had a good season.

There were ups and downs. I learned a lot in my first season and now I'm grateful for the success in the Cup." "We're sorry because we were left without points against teams that are easier to win on paper.

Now we are entering the last round and we know that not everything is in our hands," Pirlo concluded. We remind you that it has already been written about Pirlo's departure from Juventus, and Zinedine Zidane and Genaro Gattuso, among others, were pointed out as possible replacements.