Atletico Madrid would like to bring Griezmann back

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Atletico Madrid would like to bring Griezmann back

Far from being realized, but the idea was born. Antoine Griezmann back to Atletico Marid? The fans of Atletico Madrid would be delighted. Of course, they do not have the money to finance such a transfer, but they would be interested in Barcelona if the younger Joao Felix went in the opposite direction.

The news was launched by the Catalunya radio program. Other Catalan media ran to justify such a move, and they were helped by the statement of the president of Atletico, Enrique Cerezo, in an interview in the Madrid TV program Larguero.

"Griezmann is a great football player. I hope we get him back, but I’m not sure Barça wants to sell him. He is an elite player. Every club would go crazy for him. He is also my friend, "Cerezo said. However, he spoke hypothetically.

What would it be, if it happens? Catalans, on the other hand, write in a more serious tone. It would be good for Barca to edit the financial books a little more with a cashless barter, like when they sent Arthur to Juventus for Miralem Pjanić.

With the proviso that they would now get a younger player. Felix was great at the start of the season, but as the season progressed, he fell into the background in the team of Diego Simeone. At one point, Simeone said publicly: "Without desire, talent is not enough."

True, Felix turned a game against Osasuna by entering and brought Atletico one step closer to the title.


Griezmann finally got used to the Camp Nou, but in vain 19 goals and 12 assists when Blaugrana was left without a title.

He never fully reached the status that, for example, Luis Suarez had in Barça. Not to mention Neymar. And there must be such comparisons when it comes to a player paid 126,000,000 euros. Allegedly, Atletico was working for this kind of swap last year.

At that time, Felix did not justify 120,000,000 euros invested in him There is a catch here. It's about his salary. Felix receives between 7,000,000 and 8,000,000 euros. Griezmann more than 20,000,000. That would be bad for Atletico.

Certainly, Griezmann is a world-class player who spent his best days at Atletico Madrid, but he wanted something more in his career. Still, at Atletico he could return to his old form and show that he is still the player he once was.

We have already listed the factors that can affect the transfer, so we will still wait to see if something will happen related to the transfer.