Julian Draxler has extended his contract with PSG

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Julian Draxler has extended his contract with PSG

Years ago, Julian Draxler was considered one of the least profitable investments in world football. And in each transfer period, he was brought into contact with a bunch of interested clubs. In January 2017, Draxler came to Paris Saint-Germain from Wolfsburg for 36,000,000 euros, who paid him as much as 43,000,000 euros to Schalke a year and a half earlier as the future star of German football.

It didn't really pay off, but in Paris they believed that they would explode with him. At that time, he signed a very lucrative contract for four and a half years, worth 7,000,000 euros per season. He was standard in the beginning, but never fully lived up to expectations.

Soon, he had an amazing competition that arrived in the form of Neymar and Mbappe, and the German job is to be one of the most expensive reserves in the world of football. Coaches changed, competitors were injured, but Draxler rarely managed to shine.

Last season, he was the starter in the championship only seven times, and this summer, PSG did everything to sell him and earn at least something because he was entering the last year of his contract. Arsenal, Juventus, Tottenham, Leverkusen, Sevilla, Hertha, Leeds were looking for him… He stayed in Paris and got a chance from the bench from time to time.


And then Mauricio Pochettino came to the bench of the Saints and began to slowly return the shaken self-confidence to him, that his compatriot Tuchel had damaged. Draxler played 25 games for Pochettino in all competitions in the second part of the season.

Of the 32 in which Pochettino led the Saints. He was the starter 12 times and scored two goals with six assists. He came out of the crisis, although he is still in the shadow of the first stars Neymar, Mbappe, and Di Maria.

The Argentine appealed to the club to offer the German a new contract, and PSG did it under their own conditions. Draxler was offered to stay but with a lower salary. That was the part of the offer that was not negotiated.

Take it or leave it .. After three weeks of thinking, Draxler accepted the offer and today signed a new three-year contract that binds him to Prince's Park until the summer of 2024. It is not yet known how much the salary reduction Draxler agreed to, but he did agree.

He is the fifth first team player of the Saints to extend his contract lately. Before him, Neymar, Kaylor Navas, Juan Bernat and Angel Di Maria initialed the new contracts.