Allegri is the first option if Zidane leaves Real Madrid

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Allegri is the first option if Zidane leaves Real Madrid

A stormy week awaits Real Madrid. On Saturday, they will play the last round of the Primera with the hope of a miracle, so they can break out in front of the city rival Atletico in the finish line and take the La Liga trophy in their hands.

But whatever the outcome on Saturday night, Sunday or Monday could bring a new storm at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, because it is expected that then Zinedine Zidane will tell the management whether he will remain the coach next season or leave.

The Spanish media have already packed the Frenchman's suitcases, writing that he told the players in the locker room to leave, which he denied afterward. What he did not deny is that after the last round, he will have to announce his plans, so that Real Madrid can react as well.

Allegri or Raul

Today, the AS newspaper reports that there are two candidates for the future coach of Real: Massimiliano Allegri and Raul. The Italian expert is the first behind the door in line if Zidane decides to go through them and leave Madrid.

Allegri is experienced, he knows how to win trophies, he won many trophies on the Juventus bench, and he is appreciated in the circles of football representatives because he easily adapts to all conditions and does not look for miracles, signings of 100 million euros ...

According to AS, Allegri has two big offers from clubs from Western Europe on the table, but he keeps them on hold until he sees what will happen to Real. However, the Royal Club, the biggest in the world, is very difficult to reject.

Plan B that Florentino Perez and his team have is that in case Zidane leaves, there is a chance to give Raul Gonzalez. The former Blancos goal scorer has so far led Castilla, which is Real's B team, and he denied the rumors he could take over Eintracht and start his independent coaching career in the Bundesliga.

He also has a dream to start working in Primera, and of course, the Real Madrid bench would be - ideal. Perhaps Raul's only minus is the lack of coaching experience at the highest level because Real is waiting for a complete reconstruction of the team this summer and they will need someone with more wisdom and a "traveled path" to manage the new team more easily. And, again, it's all in the air until Zinedine Zidane says yes or no ...