Milan will have a difficult task in Bergamo against Atalanta

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Milan will have a difficult task in Bergamo against Atalanta

There is no logical explanation for what the Milan footballers managed to do in the last seven days. They won against Juventus 3-0 in a direct fight for the Champions League, then count to seven against Torino, and then be afraid of being certified in a competition in which you have not been for seven years and play without goals with Cagliari.

Many alibis came out of Stefan Pioli's mouth at the conference after the game, but there is no justification for what happened to the Rossoneri tonight. "This was not our best night, the speed was not at the level from the last couple of games," the head of the Milan professional staff began and immediately continued: "The match with Juventus was the most important in the season, tonight was also the most important and the last round against Atalanta will be important."

"In today's match, many things stopped us, starting with emotions, there was a lot of tension and pressure, maybe the belief that we would win." "The draw of Benevento enabled Cagliari to play more relaxed.

We have created some dangerous situations, but the air of happiness has not illuminated us. "Pioli tried to combine several different circumstances into one alibi.


Instead of an evening in which he was supposed to enjoy returning to the European football elite, Milan, solely through their own fault, put a burden on their back that will be in their head for the whole week, until finally, Milan players run to the Atleti Azzurri di Italia stadium in Bergamo where they will oppose the best attack of Serie A (90 goals) and the second most deadly offensive League Five after Bayern (94).

"To win, you have to play well, and today we struggled against a rival who didn't leave us much space. The round closes next week." "Tonight we were very disappointed, but from tomorrow we start from the beginning.

We know that the opponent is extremely good, we are not we managed to beat him since I sat on the Milan bench, but we will have to try, "concluded the Italian. Of course, Milan will now have a difficult task to reach the Champions League, but they also have a realistic chance of succeeding.

It will be very difficult considering that Juventus will do their best because it is unthinkable for most to watch the Champions League without Juventus next season. Pioli will have to motivate the team and do something to achieve the set goal