Joan Laporta is still considering a new coach

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Joan Laporta is still considering a new coach

If they do not win in the two remaining games, Barcelona will have the worst points balance in the last 13 years this season, when they finished third in the Primera with 19 wins, 10 draws, and nine defeats. Total - 67 points.

They are currently at 76 (23 wins, seven draws, six defeats), and with six points in the duels against Celta and Eibar, they would equalize last season's performance. Then the Catalans passed second through the finish line, while they are currently third in the table.

They still have a theoretical chance to win the titles, but Ronald Koeman is aware that such an epilogue is equal to a miracle because both Atletico Madrid (four points advantage) and Real Madrid (two points more) need to lose.

He confirmed that in a conversation with Spanish journalists. "I think it's important to believe and hope. We know our chances are very small, but if there's still a chance, it's up to you to win and wait,"-Koeman said He tried to be optimistic, although after the defeat by Granada (1 : 2), and then two consecutive draws (0: 0 with Atletico and 3: 3 with Levante) it became clear that the Catalans will have to be satisfied only with a direct placement in the Champions League.

Although Koeman points out as positive that his team managed to make up for the double-digit advantage of Atletico, it should be borne in mind that Barcelona disappointed every time this season when it was important.

Hansi Flick

In four games with Madrid's rivals, they have only one point from the mentioned draw with Atletico.

They were painfully eliminated from the Champions League, in the eighth-finals after a total of 5: 2 for PSG. "We didn't give up in the Primera. If you analyze the season, you will see that we made up 13 points behind, which we put a lot of effort into."

"Real and Atletico also lost points, but the truth is that we missed a great opportunity against Granada," Koeman had to admit He does not want to call the season unsuccessful because Barcelona won the Copa del Rey, however, only a layman would believe that it is a trophy that satisfies the ambitions of Joan Laporta.

The president has already invited him to the meeting, and the big question is whether he will leave him on the bench for next season. Some media write that Barcelona contacted the outgoing Bayern Munich coach, Hansi Flick, although the arrival of the German would be equal to a sensation, since he has already been seen as the successor of Joachim Low in the national team of his country.