Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to return to Sporting

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Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to return to Sporting

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo could turn into a great summer soap opera. Although he still has a one-year contract with Juventus, neither the club nor the footballer has fully met each other's expectations, and Ronaldo's mother Dolores Aveiro has further inflamed the parting stories by saying that she will convince her son to return to Sporting and that Ronaldo will play in Lisbon again next season Ronaldo is quiet, and there was no response from his representative, Jorge Mendes.

Until today. The most powerful football agent of today spoke exclusively for the Portuguese Record. "Cristiano is proud of Sporting's title, which he demonstrated publicly. But at the moment, his plans do not coincide with his return to his homeland," Mendes explained.

Throughout his career, Ronaldo has shown a love for Sporting, from whose ranks he left for Manchester United in 2003, and the rest of what they say has become history.


The desire to end his career in Sporting is unquestionable, but Ronaldo, according to Mendes, is still far from a football pension.

His next football station is still in question - there is an option to do the last year of his contract in Turin or to change his coat of arms and take the jersey of the team with which he will have a chance to conquer Europe at least once more.

His mother- Dolores is flying to Turin and, as she says, she is taking action to persuade her son to return to the team that won the championship title in Portugal after 19 years. However, no matter how much influence she has, it will almost certainly not be enough to remove Ronaldo from the Top 5 league.

We know what kind of character he is - one in which the hunger for goals and trophies never subsides. And the 28 goals and a certain title of Capocannoniere in Serie A show that he has a few more seasons ahead of him at the top level.

It is certain that Ronaldo still has great ambitions even though he is 36 years old. Those are the years when most footballers decide to end their careers, but it is incredible that Ronaldo is still playing at the peak and that he does not plan to give up football.

His love of football and trophies is fascinating, and we will certainly watch him for a few more years unless of course there is some sudden injury that could end his career.