Bayern: The only undefeated team in the Champions League

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Bayern: The only undefeated team in the Champions League

The world is crying for Barcelona, ​​admiring Bayern and hoping that in eight days they could see the best team in the Champions League of all time! In that case, there will be no controversy about aesthetics, or about the influence on football, or even comparisons with other greats.

Only numbers will remain to explain, if it is not clear to anyone so far, the functioning of the machine from Munich. In case they beat the better team from the match Manchester City - Lyon in the semifinals, and the winner of the duel Paris Saint-Germain - Leipzig in the final, the Bavarians will become the only team in the history of football that won the Champions League, recording all victories.

There has been an elite European Cup in this format for almost three decades, and it has not yet happened that we see dominance as in the performance of Hans Dieter Flick. After the humiliation of Barcelona, ​​the Germans remained the first favorite to win the "ear cup"

The way they reached the penultimate step to the throne is impressive: they finished the group with all six victories and showed cruelty in the knockout phase as well. Against the Red Star 3: 0 and 6: 0, in the clashes with Olympiacos 3: 2 and 2: 0, when they met Tottenham, even more, brutal games followed (7: 2, 3: 1), playing with Chelsea, 4: 1) and the massacre of the Catalans (8: 2).

In order to write "no one ever like Bayern" in the future, it is necessary to skip two more obstacles in Lisbon. If it happens, here are the Bavarians in the historical almanacs, since the founding of the Champions League (1991/92), it has not happened that one team has reached the crown so dominantly.

To win absolutely all matches. In the meantime, the format of the competition has changed several times and we are still waiting for a team powerful enough to literally wean everyone else off football.

Old champions

Although some lacked a little.

Marseille (1993), Milan (1994), Ajax (1995), Manchester (1999, 2008), and Barcelona (2006) became undefeated European champions. Even Real with four titles in the last six editions has not been this convincing. He would always get at least one mistake.

Moreover, Bayern itself, under the leadership of Jupp Heinex, slipped in the group against BATE Borisov in 2013 - when they last won the Champions League, and in the round of 16 they were defeated by Arsenal. He doesn't know about Flick's defeat.

And if he does not suffer it next week, he will become the first team from Barcelona in 2015 to seal the season with a triple crown.