Klopp: "The only thing we can do is to get to the Champions League"

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Klopp: "The only thing we can do is to get to the Champions League"

With the victory over Manchester United, Liverpool returned the chances to qualify for the Champions League, and after the celebration at Old Trafford, Jurgen Klopp had many reasons for satisfaction. The shown game of his chosen ones made the German strategist smile, especially because his team now has their destiny in hands.

"We made more problems for the rival and that's why we won the game. However, first and foremost, I have to say that the start of the match tonight was great because we managed to adjust to a few things." "United had an overload on the wings, we didn't react fast enough to that and so we conceded a goal.Then we corrected the mistake and it was 2: 1 at halftime."

"The ball from the break before the second goal was obviously absolutely great. We just did what we had to. We tried to apply our system if you are flexible you can make problems for your rival - and we were flexible in midfield and offensive."

"The game from the last line was getting better and better and so we played a good game. We can't always decide games early and break rivals, especially against United, we had to fight to the end, "Klopp said.

Three challenges

The team from Anfield expects three more challenges, against West Brom, Burnley, and Crystal Palace, and if they achieve all the victories, regardless of the performance of the rival, they will qualify for the Champions League.

"The good thing is that we always play to win. You just haven't seen it too often this season, but it's more our problem than yours. We don't have to change our approach, no." "The only thing we can do is to get to the Champions League.

Only thing that has changed in the previous period is that if we win all three games we will qualify for the Champions League, which was not the case before." "In addition, it was clear for weeks what we had to do, so the two draws against Leeds and Newcastle, with goals conceded in the last minutes, we saw as defeats."

"Fans and journalists will now think - yes, they have now won against United and are going to West Brom… But we are not like that, thank God. West Brom is obviously playing an exceptional second half of the season."

"It was difficult for them, they were very close to achieving the goal and they played really good football. They are now without pressure so it can lead to anything." "So we take it game by game. Tonight we were good enough to celebrate, now we are looking towards Sunday, if we are good enough to win the next match, that would be great," said Klopp.