Roy Keane called out some United players

"It is scary how much City is ahead of this team."

by Sead Dedovic
Roy Keane called out some United players

Former Manchester United captain, and now Sky Sports commentator, Roy Keane, has always been direct on and off the field, and it seemed he was so angry after a disappointing defeat in the derby with Liverpool (2: 4). The Reds seriously punished the completely broken defense of the hosts in the absence of Harry Maguire, and the midfield was completely unconnected, without the possibility to resist the opponent.

"All of United's shortcomings have come to light in the last few days. Look at the performance of the two midfielders. McTominay is a good, honest player. And they have Fred. As long as those two players are at Manchester United, they will not win big trophies," Keane told Skye.

Only at the end of the game, when Fred was replaced by Greenwood, Rashford went to the left, and Pogba returned to the middle, United showed positive things in their game. "When United choose Pogba to play from the left, it means that Marcus Rashford has to go to the right and the team's balance is falling, we've seen it too many times." "It's something that needs to be fixed.

United needs that option for the right, and Solskjaer needs to figure out whether Pogba can play in the midfield or not in the big games." "If he doesn't play, then the whole team balance changes when he is placed on the left.

Obviously, it was better for the whole team after Greenwood came to the field and Rashford's move to the left side ".

Fred and Henderson

However, balance in the maneuver was not the only problem. "It was obvious they missed Maguire.

People question how good Maguire is, but they only see it when he's not playing. I know Ole is persistent with Fred, but I don't see how they think Fred will get United back on the road". There were harsh words for goalkeeper Dean Henderson.

"The goalkeeper didn't look great tonight either. There were mistakes after mistakes. One bad night for United. Maguire is a loss, but these are the mistakes of the schoolchildren." "It has nothing to do with the absence of Maguire.

Last night's performance was not good. All United's shortcomings we saw in the last few days. There was not enough quality, Liverpool could have scored six or seven goals ". Keane believes that this team is not able to cope when it comes to the championship title in the Premier League.

"This team does not have the strength to compete against Manchester City to win the title. It is scary how much City is ahead of this team." "I think Ole will think about the previous days and think 'we need three or four big players this summer,'" Keane said.

Roy Keane