Bale’s agent believes his player did not have the trust of the club

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Bale’s agent believes his player did not have the trust of the club

Jonathan Barnett, Gareth Bale's agent, expressed his opinion on the challenges that his client faced upon his return to Totechnam as a loan player for Real, but also that which things he will face when the season is over because his loan will expire soon.

"Immediately after Garreth's transfer to Tottenham, I said: If you believe in him, give him a chance to play his football. Don't tell him to do this or that, treat him like Messi or Ronaldo. I'm not saying he's as good as them, but you'll see "Barnett told SNTV.

He added that "every time he received such support, Bale gave a bunch of goals" "That was exactly the biggest mistake (that they didn't believe in him), although I don't blame anyone." Barnett did not want to point a finger at anyone, not even at Jose Mourinho, in whose setting of the game Bale did not do well.

"Do I blame Mourinho for the instability of his games? I would never do that. He is a very successful coach ... Gaius Julius Caesar was also very good, but I don't think he would be great in commanding a modern army" the experienced agent made an interesting parallel.

Returning to Real Madrid

The future of Bale, who scored 14 goals in 31 matches this season, is still uncertain. There is an option for him to be at Tottenham as a loan player from the summer, with Real still paying him between 500,000 and 600,000 pounds a week.

Barnett says that Bale's return to the Madrid club with which he is bound by a contract until the summer of 2022 is unlikely, almost impossible. "He is still one of the best players in the world, but there are four games left so we will have to see.

There will be three interlocutors in the conversation: us, Real, and Tottenham." "We have our view and we will inform them at the right time. I doubt very much that he will go back to Real, but if they want to leave him on the bench with that salary? That's fine for him, but also for me, "Barnett explained.

Barnett seems to have big confidence in his player and believes Bale is still one of the best. Gareth was in the top three players in the world a couple of years ago, but injuries but also his lack of interest at certain moments influenced him not to be the same player as before. Still, let's wait a little longer, and we'll find out his next club.