Virgil van Dijk will not play in the European Championship!

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Virgil van Dijk will not play in the European Championship!

Without captain on the European Championship. The Dutch national football team will be severely weakened at the upcoming continental show, as Liverpool stopper Virgil van Dijk announced that he will miss the tournament in order to fully recover from a severe knee injury due to which he has not played since October.

"It was a long, long journey. I had to go step by step. The recovery is going well, I have not had any additional problems. But I had to decide: European Championship, yes or no?" "And considering how the situation is going physically, I feel that the right decision is not to go to the Euro, but to dedicate myself to the last phase of rehabilitation during the break."

"Of course, I am depressed that I will miss the European Championship, but I have to accept the circumstances, we all have to. It's hard, but my conscience is clear, "Van Dijk said in an interview for the Liverpool website, the first one he gave since he was injured.

His absence is probably the biggest cause of a very bad season for Liverpool, and we will only see how much it will affect Liverpool. Van Dyke and Matthias de Light would form an amazing central defender tandem. Thus, selector Frank de Boer will have to look for another solution for the matches with Ukraine, Austria, and Northern Macedonia in Group C.

Van Dijk had no choice

"I am no longer the youngest. I’m not old, but I’m mature and I know this is the right decision. To give the body and knee a little more time to recover." "I was aware that I would be under pressure before this decision, but time is not the most important thing here, but to return to the field completely ready ...

I have to be more patient. " Of course, all this does not mean that Van Dijk will rest during the summer. "When the season is over for the others, it won't be for me. I may have a few days off, but I will train every day until the beginning of the preparations ...

The sun will shine again ", Van Dijk promises As we have already said, everyone could see how much Liverpool missed Van Dijk season, when they are just fighting for the Champions League. The team that had the imperative to win the Premiership again is now in the fight for the Champions League and they will not have an easy task. It is certain that the Netherlands will miss Van Dijk equally, but the Dutch must hope for the best