Kahn revealed that Bayern will not spend much money this summer

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Kahn revealed that Bayern will not spend much money this summer

After the ninth consecutive championship title in Germany, everyone at Bayern turned to the upcoming flight and ideas of what Nagelsmann’s team might look like A good basis already exists, Dayot Upamecano has been brought in as a replacement for David Alaba, and some more corrections are planned so that the super-talented coach can get the team he wants to continue the championship series and conquer football Europe again.

That was exactly one of the topics of the interview that the member of the board of the Munich giant and from 2022 the new general manager Oliver Kahn (he will replace Karl Heinz Rummenigge) gave for Sport Bild. Instead of pompous announcements, the once excellent goalkeeper and Bayern captain confirmed that work will be done on the development and promotion of players from the academy because, as he explained, the club has no money to compete in a market where prices have skyrocketed.

"I apologize, but everyone who puts us in the same context (with clubs that give a lot of money for players) does not understand the situation," Kahn began his presentation and continued:

Haaland and Lewandowski

"It is unthinkable for Bayern to pay a player at least 100,000,000 euros.

Why would we think of Haaland when Robert (Lewandowski) has two more years of the contract." "His games can never be questioned. He has scored 39 goals this season! That’s the only reason we don’t have to think about Haaland today.

Robert can play top football for a few more years. " Colleagues from Bild were interested in Kahn's opinion about the new coach Julian Nagelsmann and the fact that his transfer from Leipzig was paid around 25,000,000 euros.

"Julian is a character who loves challenges. In Bayern, the title is above all. It's a challenge that every coach has to accept when he comes here, "said Kahn, referring to stories about the value of the transfer: "Look, if we had really given that much money for his transfer, we would have expected him to win all five Champions Leagues by 2026.

I'm not sure that's realistic. I can say that the amount we gave is far below what is written. " He did not announce big events in the field of bringing in new players, especially not purchases that will shock the world.

All because of the great financial losses that the club suffered during the coronavirus pandemic. "In the coming years, we will have to be very smart when it comes to investing in new players. It will all come down to using the chances that are presented to us quickly ", Kahn said.