Messi and Barcelona are discussing about his new contract

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Messi and Barcelona are discussing about his new contract

Even during the presidential campaign, Joan Laporta made the stay of Lionel Messi in Barcelona a priority, and it is now clear that the Spanish businessman is really keeping his promises. Catalonia is on its feet, everything is buzzing after the news of the Sport newspaper that negotiations between Barcelona and Lionel Messi have already begun regarding a new contract and staying at the Camp Nou stadium even after the summer.

The first man of the Catalan giant and Messi's father Jorge, who is also his representative, have already held several talks in recent days in order to define Lionel's plans for the future and, of course, the financial and sports moment.

As announced by one of the two most reliable sources when it comes to Barcelona, ​​Barcelona's final offer for Messi in economic and sports terms will mostly depend on the results that will be achieved by the end of the season.

In translation - whether Barcelona will be able to win the title or not. What is perhaps most important for Barcelona fans at the moment is that there are good indications for renewing the contract. The two sides managed to find a common language, and Laporta presented the first version of the contract for the Argentine superstar to his father Jorge in detail.

New contract

This is only the first step towards the final outcome, but a huge one in the direction of signing a new contract, considering that in recent months, and especially since last summer and the chaos in the club under the command of Josep Maria Bartomeu, stories about Messi's departure from Barcelona were often Now things have turned drastically in favor of staying and prolonging the cooperation, and it would not be wrong to say that Joan Laporta is responsible for that, trying to raise a new, stronger Barcelona with Messi as the main figure of the project.

Sport points out that both sides are on the same task and that now it is only necessary to find the final form of agreement. Laporta is preparing a contract for Messi, which would last until the end of his career, with a few more years of playing career, and after that, they have serious plans for Messi to be part of the management of FC Barcelona Messi's biggest concern is the next season.

That is, how will a club with a debt of over a billion euros be able to remain competitive? There have already been rumors that Laporta provided a financial injection of 500,000,000 euros from an unknown American investor, which should patch some holes, but what Messi is looking for are guarantees that Barcelona will have a long-term plan and project of a European giant.

This means that Messi is asking the club for signings in all positions in order to remove the dose of pressure from him, considering the years he is entering.