Edinson Cavani has extended his contract with Manchester United until 2022!

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Edinson Cavani has extended his contract with Manchester United until 2022!

Manchester United has officially extended a contract with Edinson Cavani. El Matador signed until 2022, more precisely until June next year. Cavani scored 15 goals this season, and after signing he did not hide his satisfaction.

"During the season, I connected a lot with the club and everything it represents. I feel a deep connection with my teammates and people who work behind the scenes. They give me additional motivation every day so that we can do special things together," Cavani said.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is very deserving that Cavani will play for another year at Old Trafford. "When Edinson signed for the first time I said he would bring us energy, leadership and I wasn't wrong. He did everything I thought, even more than that.

I know about his attacking score. But he also as a person contributed a lot to this team. He has an attacking mentality, "Solskjaer said. The Uruguayan extended his contract Cavani was very close to leaving for Boca Juniors, but after talking to Solskjær, he decided to stay at Old Trafford.

He was supposed to sign a three-year contract with Boca Juniors, but he refused, at least for now, in order to spend another year in Manchester. The 34-year-old striker was in a special mood in the previous month, during which he scored eight goals in seven matches and thus took advantage of the absence of the injured Martial in an ideal way.

Cavani on extending his contract

The connection between Solskjaer and Cavani greatly influenced the continuation of cooperation. "From the first moment I came, I felt coach had trusted me. When you are a player, such confidence gives you the perfect opportunity to play your best football and I want to thank him for that," Cavani said.

Certainly, this is great news for Manchester United fans who have long insisted on the need to extend the contract with Cavani. Recall, Cavani came to Manchester United this summer, and it turned out to be a great purchase by the Manchester giant.

In the last 2 months, Cavani has started to play the way he once knew and it is certainly the main reason why the Manchester management decided to make this move. Although most were pessimistic about his arrival, Cavani managed to show that he is still an attacking class, and that he still knows how to score goals.

This will certainly have a positive effect on the team before the Europa League final in which Manchester United will play against Spanish Villarel