Who are the richest clubs in the world?

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Who are the richest clubs in the world?

Spanish football will not recover from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic before 2022, according to La Liga estimates, and by their calculations, the influx of professional clubs between the summer of 2019 and 2021 will be reduced by a total of 2,013,000,000 euros, of which as much as 848,000 .000 on the day of the matches, due to empty stands.

Last season, according to other analyzes, the pandemic hit Barcelona the most, and they remained shorter by 122,980,000 euros, or 42 percent less than the 294,000,000 that was the business income that the club generated a year earlier.

In fact, as many as 19 out of a total of 20 Primera clubs on that basis generated less money than the season before. Real 40,400,000, Atletico Madrid 29,300,000, Athletic Bilbao 19,200,000, Valencia 14,600,000 ... Only Alaves finished 2019/2020 at zero, not counting the earnings on player transfers, prizes from the competition ...

However, all these disadvantages did not affect the status of the two Spanish football giants on Forbes' list of the world's most valuable sports teams in 2021, whose members continued to grow despite the global pandemic.

The average value of the 50 most valuable clubs on the planet increased by 9.9 percent compared to the previous year, which is 3,400,000,000 dollars, or even 55 more than five years ago. At the top of the list is the NFL team Dallas Cowboys, which is estimated at 5,700,000,000 dollars, with a growth of 43 percent in the last five years.

In second place is the MLB team, the New York Yankees ($ 5,300,000,000), in third place is the NBA franchise New York Knicks ($ 5,000,000,000), followed by the football teams Barcelona (4,760,000,000) and Real Madrid (4,750,000,000), and NBA teams Golden State Warriors (4,700,000,000) and Los Angeles Lakers (4,600,000,000), NFL teams New England Patriots (4,400,000,000) and New York Giants (4,300,000,000), while Bayern Munich (4,210,000,000) closes the Top 10 .

In 11th place is Manchester United (4,200,000,000), in 12th is Liverpool (4,100,000,000), in 13th is Manchester City (4,000,000,000), in 25th is Chelsea (3,200,000,000), in 38th is Arsenal .000,000) and at 43. Paris Saint-Germain (2,500,000,000).

Of the six clubs or franchises that have doubled in value over the past five years, there are three football teams: Paris Saint-Germain (207%), Liverpool (165%), and Manchester City (108%).

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The remaining three are the Los Angeles Reims (176%), the Golden State Warriors (147%), and the Las Vegas Raiders (117%) who have achieved this thanks to new stadiums/arenas.

Not to be confused, other football clubs in the Top 50 did not fare badly in the mentioned five years: Barcelona (34%), Real Madrid (30%), Manchester United (27%), Arsenal (39%) and Chelsea who lacked to join those who at least doubled the value (93%).

It is interesting to look at who has made the most money from the purchase of the football club until today. The Glazer family bought the Devils in 2005 for $ 1,400,000,000, while John Henry, Tom Werner, and the company became the owners of Liverpool in 2010 for $ 476,000,000.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan took over the Citizens in 2008 for $ 385,000,000. Roman Abramovich came to Stamford Bridge in 2003 with a check of 233,000,000, and the Kroenke family came to Ashton Grove in 2011 with 1,100,000,000.

Least of all, at least at the beginning, was given by the team of Nasser Al Khelaifi gathered in Qatar Sports Investments, which bought PSG in 2011 for "only" 100,000,000 dollars.