Manchester United offers 100 million euros for Kane

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Manchester United offers 100 million euros for Kane

The defeat against Leeds on Elland Road is just a drop in the ocean of all the bad things that are happening in Tottenham from that Champions League final two years ago until today, and the result of everything will be the departure of Harry Kane from the new White Hart Lane.

Tottenham is practically saying goodbye to their place in the Champions League, and as things stand, they could be left without the group stage of the Europa League, because currently West Ham and Liverpool are in a better position on the table, which would mean that they will either join the Conference League or will play a season without going to Europe if Everton stands up in the championship finish.

Everything below playing in the Champions League would mean a certain end to the long-term love between Harry Kane and Tottenham ... There are stories that Kane is frustrated because his career passes without winning a significant trophy and he does not want to continue his career without the trophies.

The story has been circulating for a long time that Kane will leave if the results do not improve, and since nothing concrete happened even after the departure of Jose Mourinho, Kane is the closest to the decision to change the environment.


Tottenham's top scorer is ready to have a conversation with the first man of the club, Daniel Levy, where they will ask him to raise the ramp and let him go. However, Kane will not submit an official request to be placed on the transfer list out of respect for the club, that is so that Tottenham can get the full price in a possible transfer.

The first candidate to sign Harry Kane remains Manchester United. At Old Trafford in recent weeks, they have been hesitating between whether to go for Kane's signature or to keep Edinson Cavani, who is playing better and better as the season draws to a close.

One job depends on another and United reportedly wants Kane as their first attacking option. If the transfer happened, Cavani would be redundant but if there is nothing from Kane's arrival, Matador will be offered a new contract.

However, United is not ready to fulfill Levy's financial requirements and pay 150,000,000 euros for Kane's transfer. The maximum that United would be ready to go to is a little more than 100,000,000 euros, which would also be a big gamble.

Although he is considered the best center forward in England, Kane is increasingly having problems with ankle injuries, which is why Tottenham suffered a lot, so the legitimate question is whether a 28-year-old striker burdened with injuries should be payed that much.