Neymar has extended his contract with PSG until 2025!

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Neymar has extended his contract with PSG until 2025!

The months-long saga between Neymar and Paris Saint-Germain ended with the extension of cooperation for another four years. The Brazilian offensive player, who has been divided for weeks since entering the last year of his contract with the Parisians, today initialed a new agreement which confirmes his stay at the Princes' Park until the summer of 2025.

According to unofficial information, the new contract envisages an annual salary of around 30,000,000 euros when taxes are deducted, and the clauses also provide for cash bonuses. The Brazilian offensive player expects a particularly significant monetary award if Paris Saint-Germain wins the Champions League, one of the rare recognitions that is missing in the trophy hall at Princes' Park.

The most expensively paid football player in the world came to the City of Light from Barcelona in August 2017 with compensation of 222,000,000 euros, and on several occasions, there was talk about his return to Camp Nou.

The Catalans entered into serious negotiations with the Parisians in the summer of 2019 on that occasion, Eric Abidalal offered 130,000,000 euros to the French, Rakitic, Todibo and Dembele, at a meeting with Leonardo, but the Parisians demanded an additional 20,000,000 and the negotiations ended in failure.


Barcelona decided to hire Antoine Griezmann, whose freedom was paid 120,000,000 euros. Due to the fact that the last year of the contract was approaching, Neymar has become a particularly interesting topic in recent months when it comes to potential summer transfers, given that clubs, including Barcelona, ​​hoped to reach valuable players with significantly less compensation, or even free after June 2022.

Laporta even marked the return of Neymar as one of the priorities on the list of new signings, but the new contract resolved the dilemmas regarding the future of the offensive player. Despite the stagnation in the negotiations, which significantly prolonged the continuation of cooperation, the Brazilian decided to stay in the capital of France, and if he stays until the end of the new contract, he will spend a total of eight seasons in the current environment and celebrate his 33rd birthday.

Since arriving in Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar has won three French titles, three Super Cups and two French Cups, and League Cups, in 2018 he was named the best player in Ligue 1, and he decorated his performance in 112 official matches with 85 goals and 27 assists. Barcelona fans will not be happy after this news and they are left to hope for another important player