Klopp: "The spine was broken and then it's very difficult to move"

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Klopp: "The spine was broken and then it's very difficult to move"

Few could have guessed that after a historic season and total dominance in the Premier League, Liverpool will be one of the worst defending champions in the history of the competition. However, injuries have crippled the team of Jurgen Klopp, who, as things stand, will have a hard time fighting for a place in the Champions League.

Before the match with Southampton, the German spoke about the mentioned injuries, the team's chances to reach the elite competition, and he also talked about the protests that postponed the big derby of England last weekend.

He received a question about the placement in the Champions League. Nothing is in the hands of the Reds anymore, but it is up to them to make sure that they achieve the best possible result in the last five matches of the season.

However, Klopp is not sure that the Champions League is a reality. "I'm not sure if we still have a chance, but we will try and if the opportunity arises we will be there, that's for sure." Already in the middle of the season, it became clear that Liverpool would not defend the title.

Injuries have written off key players such as Virgil van Dijk and Jordan Henderson in the long run, other footballers have struggled, and Klopp is aware that this has had the biggest impact on weak releases. "We had too many injuries in key positions.

People think it's an excuse, but we were left without a complete defense like we broke a leg." "So you can limp and put the midfielder in the backline, but the spine was broken and then it's very difficult to move "

Derby against United

A big derby between Manchester United and Liverpool was supposed to be played last weekend. A couple of hours before the match, Red Devils fans gathered in front of Old Trafford in large numbers, to protest against the club's owner, and eventually stormed the field, so the match was finally postponed to May 13.

"We sat all the time. An hour before the team meeting they told me there were problems at Old Trafford. We held a meeting and after that, it was mentioned that the game could be delayed." "We were forced to just sit in the lobby.

That's not cool. Then they told us the match was postponed. We also saw some pictures and followed what was happening." "Am I surprised by the protest? No, I believe in democracy. I am happy that people want to express their opinion, but I know that it rarely happens that no one is hurt."

"I heard that one policeman was injured and those things must not happen. That door is broken and things are broken. As soon as it stops being peaceful, then it no longer makes sense," Klopp said.