Edinson Cavani will be the first striker next season?

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Edinson Cavani will be the first striker next season?

Manchester United did their job in the first match, Edinson Cavani finished the story in the second match against Roma. And he confirmed once again that the English giant made the right move when they brought him to Old Trafford.

Now, however, the question is whether the club with the highest aspirations can trust the 34-year-old striker in the long run? Or they need a younger and safer choice at the center forward? Or maybe wing? These are the dilemmas that were talked about even after the painless defeat by Roma (2: 3).

But everyone agrees on this: Cavani did his job. But fans like to talk about new players. They especially love when it comes to Harry Kane and Erling Haaland. They know that at Old Trafford, too. They also know that these stories and such signings bring profit.

But.. "Every United fan wants Harry Kane or Erling Haaland, but the money that such transfers would require in such circumstances is simply not realistic." "And Cavani did a great job. Give him a new contract, his salary is big, but there is no compensation, and I think they need a right-wing.

For the money they would give to Haaland or Kane, they can bring three football players ", Owen Hargreaves, former United ace says.

Ferdinand on Cavani

Rio Ferdinand still disagrees. Not because Cavani is bad. On the contrary.

"I'm worried about what will happen if Kane or Halland go to another club. See how wide Bayern was last season and City this season." "United is a club that needs a top striker for the next five years. I'm talking about Kane or Haaland.

Cavani will slow down, it is not an ideal solution even when it comes to injuries. He missed a lot of games. " Okay, what about other solutions? "There is talk about that, but can any of them play center forward? I don't see them there.

When I say center forward I mean Kane and Haaland. Anthony Martial, Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford… I just don't see them as central strikers. They are wings, ”Ferdinand concludes. United had a much more successful season than the previous ones, which does not mean that they do not need new players.

United as always connects with many players and are active in the football market. Now they should make a concrete move and bring in an attacker who could finally give them what they want.