Thiago Silva: "It is difficult to explain PSG's decisions"

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Thiago Silva: "It is difficult to explain PSG's decisions"

From the point of view of Paris Saint-Germain, Thiago Silva was too old, so the Parisians let him go to Chelsea last summer without compensation. In the middle of the season, they were not satisfied with the work of Thomas Tuchel, so they appointed Mauricio Pochettino to the position of the head coach instead of the German.

Chelsea had such a nice job with the two champions of France - the Brazilian grew into a defense commander upon his arrival, and with the arrival of Tuchel a little later, the Blues grew from Lampard's team, which had many failures, to become a Champions League finalist.

From the current point of view, which implies Paris Saint-Germain's elimination from the Champions League in the lobby of the finals, even the possibility of not winning the championship title in France after three tied titles, the leaders of the Paris giant have something to regret.

Especially when you look at Chelsea's renaissance. "PSG made the choice to let me go, and then they let Tuchel. It's hard to explain. For me, leaving was sad, but the most important thing is that we are happy at Chelsea now."

"We dream of winning the Champions League. It would be a special feeling because for 35 years I have never even played in the semi-finals, and now for the second year in a row I am playing in the finals." "But we have not won anything yet, we must be aware of that, "Thiago Silva said in an interview with Radio Monte Carlo.


Tuchel's predecessor Frank Lampard left Stamford Bridge after the 18th round of the Premier League, and the team was then knocked down on tenth place with only 26 out of a possible 54 points. The arrival of the German brought prosperity in many segments, of course as a result.

"Tuchel brought a lot of things to this team. Chelsea started to use the advantage they gained with a quality game. I think it is clear to everyone." "I am very pleased with the team. We will have to rest well for the finals.

Unfortunately, Paris Saint-Germain failed to do the job in the right way. I'm sorry for my former teammates ", the Brazilian was empathetic. In the end, Thiago once again referred to Tuchel's significance. "We played Champions League games every week and I think we are better prepared.

The results that are fully deserved show that. We also demonstrated that against Real Madrid," the Chelsea central defender concluded.