Di Canio on Mourinho: "You have got the worst of the worst"

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Di Canio on Mourinho: "You have got the worst of the worst"

A little less than 48 hours ago, a bomb exploded in Italy, but also on the entire Old Continent: Jose Mourinho had taken over Roma. After the unsuccessful saga in Tottenham, which was followed by dismissal, there is serious skepticism that the Portuguese is the right man to revive Roma and return them to the top of Italian football.

He had one, Harry Kane, at his disposal, this season through the numbers of the most useful player in the Premier League, one Heung Min Son who forms a hellish tandem with the England national team player, but that was not enough to avoid the epithet of the team that gambled the most points after leading halftime and probably they won't play in the Champions League.

That is why for months now, many consider Mourinho to be a worn-out commodity. Is it only because he is a former Lazio football player and because his animosity towards Roma is innate, that opinion is supported by Paolo di Canio, who went a step further in his statements.

"You took the worst of the worst," Di Canio said, and immediately continued in an insulting tone: "I understand that you needed a big name, but this is like signing a football player who is finished. Mourinho just wanted a job for which he would be well paid, he was fired three times in the last four years and he was expelled everywhere because of his incompatible character, and before that, the only thing that adorned him was his character ", the Italian commented sharply.

Anti football

The former West Ham football player, where he experienced his football peak, did not stop there. "His teams do not play football, but anti-football. You may enjoy a couple of conferences because controversy affects good performances, but let me note, for the reconstruction of the team, you chose the worst you could.

And I'm talking all this about a man who was my favorite until seven years ago, even more than Pep Guardiola. “ There are, of course, those who believe that Mourinho can make a transformation of the Roma. It is about Gianfranco Zola who compared Mourinho and Antonio Conte in an interview for the Italian Gazette.

"I believe they are different. Very high quality, but different. Their common thing is that they are extremely demanding and of an extremely specific and strong character." "I hope that Italian football will awaken the best in Mourinho.

The game in the Apennines has changed a lot since the time he led Inter, but we are talking about a high-level expert." "He has what it takes to adjust. His character can be of great importance in an environment such as Roma. His advantage will be that Roma is based on enthusiasm, and he is the driving force ", concluded Zola.