Two English clubs will play for the Champions League trophy

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Two English clubs will play for the Champions League trophy

The best football is played in the Premier League. There may be more attractive (PSG) or more organized (Bayern), clubs with a long tradition (Real with 13 titles) or those that are famous for the aristocracy (Milan, Juventus), however, the English have again left Europe under their feet, as their two representatives will fight for the Champions League trophy.

Manchester City made it to the finals for the first time in their history, and they were joined by Chelsea, who will try to reach the continental trophy for the third time on May 29 at Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, but in the previous two attempts: They failed in Moscow against Manchester United (2008), but after that, they won a Champions League in 2012 by defeating Bayern at Allianz Arena.

The match on the Bosphorus in four weeks will be the eighth final of clubs from the same country in the history of the Champions League. Understandably, until the beginning of the '90s, when the most important European Cup was played in the existing format, something like that was not possible, because only champions participated in the competition.

Teams from the same league clashed for the first time in the fight for the Silver Amphora in 2000 in Paris. Real Madrid defeated Valencia 3-0, with goals from Fernando Morientes, Steve McManaman, and Raul Gonzalez, however, that season Real Madrid finished only five in the Primera.

Next finals

The next final of the clubs from the same country happened after three years. Italians. At Old Trafford, Milan celebrated by beating Juventus with a better penalty shootout (previously 0: 0). And then the already famous 2008 and the final in Moscow, known for the fact that John Terry slipped in the penalty series with Manchester United (the match ended 1: 1), allowing the Red Devils to be the champions.

Then it was the turn of the Germans: in 2013, at Wembley, Bayern defeated Borussia (2: 1). In the next two editions, the Spaniards returned as the dominant force. Real Madrid and Atletico. In Lisbon in 2014, Real Marid celebrated convincingly after the overtime (4: 1, 1: 1), and in 2016 in Milan, they were better after the penalties (5: 3, 1: 1).

In the end, in 2019, Liverpool and Tottenham clashed in Madrid (the Reds celebrated 2: 0), and the confirmation that the best football is played in the Premier League arrived this week, by Manchester City and Chelsea heading to the Bosphorus.

It could happen that 2021 will be remembered as another all-English final of the European Cups. The condition for that is that in the rematch of the semifinals of the Europa League, Manchester United defends 6: 2 against Roma, and Arsenal makes up for the loss from the first match with Villarreal (1: 2)