Materazzi: "Mourinho came to Roma with the desire to win"

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Materazzi: "Mourinho came to Roma with the desire to win"

The bomb from the Apennines that Roma and Jose Mourinho reached an agreement and that the famous strategist will take the helm of Roma at the end of the season is the main topic in the world of football. His return to Serie A and the new challenge accepted only two weeks after the parting with Tottenham woke up the football public, and among those who announced themselves on that occasion was Marco Materazzi.

The former defender who cooperated with the Portuguese at Inter spoke for Gazetta. "I believe that Mourinho would find it much harder to accept the invitation of Juventus or Milan, he would think about it longer. Certainly, for Inter fans, his departure to one of those two clubs would be a worse option."

"I believe that Nerazzurri will understand him because he did a lot for Inter. However, I believe that Mourinho will do his best to win against Inter as well. And he will enjoy it if he succeeds, "Materazzi said. The former national player of Italy emphasized that Mourinho's coaching philosophy will not allow him to be satisfied with the average and that he expects that Milan clubs and Juventus will get a serious competitor in the fight for the top.

"I don't see why Mourinho would come to Rome if he has no ambition to win. If he had been different, he would have stayed in London."

Winning mentality

The first step for the Portuguese will be to refresh the playing staff, but also to create a winning mentality.

"He will do his best to ensure that everyone is rowing in the same direction and to gain people's support, especially when the crowd returns to the stadiums." "However, that support can become a double-edged sword.

The challenge with Roma is big and if the Scudetto with Inter is worth five titles, then Roma's championship trophy is like 20 " Materazzi pointed out that although the task in front of the famous strategist is not easy, he has no doubt in the assessment of Mourinho, who would not easily accept a challenge in which he has no chance.

"Mourinho would not have arrived without guarantees. He certainly calculated the challenge, taking into account that he will not play in the Champions League immediately." "He is used to clubs ready to do anything to win, and Roma owners, as far as I know, want to win. We will see who will be his signings" said the former defender.