Pep Guardiola: "This is a historic milestone"

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Pep Guardiola: "This is a historic milestone"

Pep Guardiola analyzes the victory over PSG which brings Manchester City to the 2021 UEFA Champions League final for the first time in its history. He said: "For us it is a historic night, this was a club that was normally stationed in the middle of the table and in 10-12 years it has invested a lot to get to this point.

thinking like this is fine. For us it is an incredible goal. Even today in the first half we had some difficulties because they managed to play behind the pressure line. Luckily there was no Mbappé. In the second half we went better, we tightened with the full backs.

We scored two goals from the counterattack against a team that every year wins the championship in France, they eliminated Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I don't even know how to play like that. But I think that in the box you have to arrive with many players and not already be there, then maybe in the final we will use them and if we lose they will say that we will have lost because a striker has played.

Now we will work until the final, we hope to win the next game in the league and win. are the Premier and then prepare ourselves in the best possible way. I think I have improved because my experience in Germany has also improved me.

I can't ask for more for my career, when I started I didn't think I could do what I did. But with Barcelona or Bayern it was normal to reach the final, with City it is historic and we will always remember it."

Raiola: "Real Madrid can buy Erling Haaland"

Erling Haaland new player of Real Madrid? Mino Raiola agent of the Norwegian center forward of Borussia Dortmund, 37 goals and 11 assists in 38 games with the German club this season, talked in an interview with AS.

He said: "If he told me where he wants to play? No, he doesn't care what he says now. He has to tell me when he gets it all clear in his head - his words - then I can come up with a plan and tell him what options we have.

Real Madrid? I don't know if they can afford Haaland because I don't know their finances but I think so . The question is another: Real can afford not to buy someone like Haaland. As of today Borussia, we know that they absolutely have no intention of letting him go.

They have clearly told me that they do not want to sell him. If he prefer a specific championship? He only thinks about scoring and winning titles. He will choose the team that will give him the most guarantees on both aspects.

How many teams have called me? All the big names that had joined the Super League asked for information about him. When Barcelona and Real Madrid arrive it's hard to say no. The same with PSG, Manchester City are growing and Juventus have always been among the big ones.

In Spain there are three teams that want it. " Speaking of La Liga, Raiola added: "I went there for a pleasure trip with his father, who wanted to congratulate Laporta and visit Marbella. In Barcelona then there is no private terminal.

There is simply a paparazzo there 24 hours a day, he was not there for us: I think was waiting for an actress." "What matters most is the player's will - explains Raiola - if Borussia is interested in selling him in the summer of 2022 to earn more, then you have to ask them.

His future is linked to the club's qualification for the next Champions League. League? You are saying that. We can imagine many things over the next few months. If a good opportunity presents itself and everyone is happy, we will evaluate it.

Staying is a risk, but leaving is also a risk. If he is ready for a top club ? I think everyone is saying that, he proved it. Now he has to let the market do the talking."