Jose Mourinho increased the value of the club with his arrival

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Jose Mourinho increased the value of the club with his arrival

The news that Jose Mourinho took over Roma hit the football world out of nowhere. Few could have known that this would happen, and if he had invested in shares, that is, Roma shares only five minutes before the news was published, he would have been richer immediately after the cooperation was made official.

Namely, it is estimated that the shares of Roma as a club after only a few minutes jumped first by 12%, and then that the biggest jump was up to 26% more than it was before the news was published. Well, that's the Mourinho effect.

It all just shows how big a name Mourinho is in the world of football and that he is an individual who can change everything when he comes to a club. There are many who love him, also those who don't, but that makes him attractive in every sense - both as a coach and as a phenomenon, he brings a lot.

Roma will no longer be the same club as it was until yesterday, the arrival of Mourinho changes a lot. And how much they will progress on the marketing side, but also how much they will be "worth" as a club, we could see only a few minutes after the official cooperation.

Pinto on Mourinho

Of course, Roma is aware how big name Mourinho is. And the general manager Pinto, who is one of the most deserving of the Portuguese in the Roman club, told everyone. "When Jose became available, we immediately jumped to talk to one of the best coaches of all time.

We were blown away by his desire and passion for the game." "It doesn't matter how many trophies he won, his primary focus is on what follows. He has knowledge, experience and leadership to compete at all levels, "Pinto was clear.

Maybe someone will say that he lost his blade in business, that he no longer creates magic like he did while he was in Porto, for example, but he is still Special. He attracts attention wherever he appears, whatever he says.

Roma will be followed more than before, that's for sure. Mourinho is there now. It is likely that Roma will now have an advantage when it comes to bringing in new players. Many players dream of collaborating with Mourinho, who is one of the biggest coaching names. Many roads will be opened for the Roma with the arrival of the great Portuguese