English Premier League 2020-2021 will start on 12 September

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English Premier League 2020-2021 will start on 12 September

The English Premier League has unveiled the dates for the next 2020-2021 championship, in which the challenge at FC Liverpool, defending champiom, will start. The tournament will start on the weekend of September 12th and it will end on May 23rd.

It will obviously also be played during the Christmas holidays, with days scheduled for December 19th, Boxing Day 26th, January 28th and 2nd.

Engliah Premier League 2020-21, the dates day by day

Day 1: Saturday 12 September
Day 2: Saturday 19 September
Day 3: Saturday 26 September
Day 4: Saturday 3 October
Day 5: Saturday 17 October
Day 6: Saturday 24 October
Day 7: Saturday 31 October
Day 8: Saturday 7 November
Day 9: Saturday 21 November
Matchday 10: Saturday 28 November
Day 11: Saturday 5 December
Day 12: Saturday 12 December
Matchday 13: Wednesday 16 December
Matchday 14: Saturday 19 December
Day 15: Saturday 26 December
Day 16: Monday 28 December
Matchday 17: Saturday 2 January
Matchday 18: Wednesday 13 January
Matchday 19: Saturday 16 January
Matchday 18b: Wednesday 20 January
Matchday 20: Saturday 23 January
Matchday 21: Saturday 30 January
Matchday 22: Wednesday 3 February
Matchday 23: Saturday 6 February
Matchday 24: Saturday 13 February
Matchday 25: Saturday 20 February
Matchday 26: Saturday 27 February
Matchday 27: Saturday 6 March
Matchday 28: Saturday 13 March
Matchday 29: Saturday 20 March
Day 30: Saturday 3 April
Matchday 31: Saturday 10 April
Matchday 32: Saturday 17 April
Matchday 33: Saturday 24 April
Matchday 34: Saturday 1st May
Matchday 35: Saturday 8 May
Matchday 36: Wednesday 12 May
Matchday 37: Saturday 15th May
Matchday 38: Sunday 23 May Will Paulo Dybala leave Juventus? When he ran out of hundreds of millions of euros to do business on the transfer market, Juventus first put Paulo Dybala on the transfer list.

It was the same in the last two transfer window, so the Argentine stayed at the club and was the most important player of the Old Lady. It remains to be seen what will happen this time because the situation is identical. In today's issue, Gazeta Delo Sport announced that it will consider offers that are around the amount of 100,000,000 euros for a diminutive striker, and this story was immediately followed by the island media, which said that Manchester United and Tottenham are in the mood for negotiations.

It was not enough for Dybala that he scored 11 goals and had the same number of assists in Serie A, which was often more productive even than Cristiano Ronaldo during the season. It was one of the best again and was put up for sale again.

Many Juventus fans rightly wonder what the Argentine should do on the field for the leaders of the Old Lady to finally say - this player is not for sale, because we simply do not have and will not be able to find a better one.

It is difficult to find someone who will listen to eternal stories about their future, endure all those injustices and always go out on the field with a smile, decide matches, lead your team to the trophy. Someone who won't get angry and won't mind the fact that the leaders will pack his suitcases all summer, and he will talk all the time about how he wants to stay at the club. As if he hadn't already given them enough goals and tricks.