Jose Mourinho is the new coach of AS Roma!

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Jose Mourinho is the new coach of AS Roma!

He is back! Just two weeks after he was sacked at Tottenham and a little less since he said it might be too early to seek a new engagement immediately. True, he will take over the function only in the summer when Paulo Fonseca officially leaves the club, but Roma, to the absolute surprise of the entire football public, announced the name of his successor today.

Probably no one expected this, especially not after the whole story of the Milan Gazette on today's front page that Maurizio Sarri would take the helm of the club and that the arrival of his agent Fali Ramadani was expected in Rome.

There were even rumors that Sarri does not condition Roma with placement in Europe, even that he will have a salary of 4,000,000 euros, but the club denies all speculations with an official statement! On the other hand, the famous Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano claims that Sarri was never an option for Roma ...

Mourinho signed a three-year contract with Roma. "The club is very pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Jose Mourinho, who will become the coach of our club from the competition 2021/22," reads a short statement from the club.


Roma Vice President Ryan Friedkin announced that he was delighted with the arrival of the coach of Mourinho's caliber. "The great champion who won trophies on all meridians will lead our club in a new, exciting Roma project.

The arrival of Jose Mourinho is a big step forward in building a long-term strategy and a winning culture. " Given the speed with which Mourinho accepted the new job, he probably received an offer from the American owners that he could not refuse.

Let us remind you, he had a salary of a staggering 18,000,000 euros a year in Tottenham! It is unlikely that they will have that much money in Roma, and now everyone is interested in just that - how much money he will have in Serie A and whether he will swim above or immediately below the currently inviolable Antonio Conte, who earns 12,500,000 euros at Inter.

Mourinho is returning to Italy, where he reached the peak of his coaching career. Let us remind you, he won the Triplet (Serie A, Italian Cup, and Champions League) with Inter in the 2009/10 season, which is the greatest success not only in his career but also in the club's history.

"After talking to the owners and sports director Tiago Pinto, I immediately understood what the ambitions of the club are. The same thinking motivated me to build a winning project together in the coming years."

"The incredible passion of Roma fans also convinced me to accept this job and open a new chapter in the summer. I wish Paulo Fonseca all the best, "said Mourinho.