Pep Guardiola optimistic before the rematch

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Pep Guardiola optimistic before the rematch

While Manchester United fans created chaos on the Sunday before the match with Liverpool, the atmosphere on the blue side of the city is completely different. Manchester City fans are growing positive tension before the rematch of the Champions League semifinals tomorrow with Paris Saint-Germain because the Citizens are one step away from the historic placement in the Champions League finals.

Although Pep Guardiola also won the Champions League with Barcelona, ​​he sees tomorrow's match as the coach of City, with whom he has not managed to reach the semifinals so far. And that's why his "temperature is rising" before the game.

"It is a privilege to be here, to be a part of the game. For many of us, this is the first time we have fought for the finals and we will do our best to win the match." "We will see what will happen," Guardiola began at a press conference.

City has a solid advantage because they won 2:1 in the first match "We are in good shape. I told the guys not to think too much about having to win the game. They just need to play like all the matches this season. We have a small starting advantage, but we will play to win this rematch.



The key, Pep says, is in self-control. "This is the first time for a large number of guys to play for the Champions League finals. We know very well what we are fighting for. In games like this, it’s important not to let emotions take you away."

"The key is to be calm, to know at all times what you are doing. I don't have to tell anyone in the club, neither the player nor the chef, how big this game is for us. " Even before the rematch, Guardiola is working more on the mental than on the tactical preparation of the team.

"We have been waiting for this moment for years. Today and yesterday we talked about who we are, what we have to do. We are not talking about the opponent, because we played only a week ago. We are talking about us, only about us and what we should do.

" The fact that PSG is not mentioned in those stories does not mean that the Citizens underestimate the French and think that the job is done. "Their striking tandem is the same as a week ago. We will try to make ourselves more dangerous.

The virtues of PSG are that they can change the formation on the field, that they have a very smart coach, so I don't even know what they will think of for the rematch." "Our voice, our passion is something I haven't seen before and that's why we just think about ourselves. "