Neville: "Glazers never had the trust of fans"

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Neville: "Glazers never had the trust of fans"

Former Manchester United ace and now Sky Sports commentator Gary Neville sent a message to the Glazer family, who are losing control of the celebratory club from Old Trafford, which culminated in today's intrusion of Red Devils fans into the stadium, which prevented a big derby with Liverpool.

The dissatisfaction of the fans started with the attempt to form the European Super League, after which the story about the departure of the American family from the club was widely opened. "This is a consequence of the actions of the owner of Manchester United from two weeks ago.

The fans say that their time has expired. My opinion is that they will earn a fortune if they put the club up for sale now." "It would be the right time and it would be an honor to do so." "They took over the club in 2004, which had the best stadium in the country, one of the best in Europe, had the best conditions in the country, and was one of the best in Europe."

"They had a team that made it to the quarterfinals regularly and the Champions League semi-finals and won the league regularly. If you look at the club now, this stadium looks great, but if you go behind the scenes it is rusty and rotten."

"If you look at the training center, it is probably no longer among the top five in the country, Manchester has not been in the Champions League semi-finals for 10 years." "We haven't won a title here at Manchester United for eight years.

The ground around the pitch is undeveloped, dormant, and neglected, while every other club is developing, "Neville said.

Public message

And then followed a key message from the public. "All football fans should unite around what Manchester United fans did today because what happened two weeks ago was really dangerous for English football."

"The Glazers say they want to gain trust again, but they never had the trust of the supporters. They never communicated with them." "The fans protested peacefully and it is everyone's right. There are six or seven people who control English football and that control must be taken away from them.

What happened today will be a waste of time if there is no reform in English football, "Neville added. It will be difficult to gain trust between the two sides. "We can't forget what they did two weeks ago, which was really dangerous for English football.

They tried to move out and create a closed trade league that would bring hunger in this country for every other English club, but also across Europe." "Those 15 clubs would move away from Europe with all that money. That is unforgivable. "