Inter could celebrate the title today

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Inter could celebrate the title today

For weeks now, the Nerazzurri have been keeping champagne on refrigeration and are taking a safe step towards the Italian title they have been dreaming of for ten seasons. For some time now, the only theory that has separated Inter from returning to the championship throne, and the official end of the fasting for more than a decade could happen today.

Namely, Antonio Conte's team could mathematically become the new Serie A champions after the match between Sassuolo and Atalanta scheduled for today at 3 pm, and the condition is that the team from Bergamo does not reach 3 points.

The fact that he can already taste champagne and the smell of champion laurels did not intoxicate the strategist of Inter, but Conte does not hide that the success expected from the 2009/10 season will be celebrated as it should be.

"The current performance in Serie A is the result of significant team growth from all points of view, game, and mentality. We realized that there is a possibility to reach the Scudetto and become part of Inter history."

"It is a pleasure to be one step away from the great achievement and destruction of the kingdom which is lasting for 9 years ", Conte pointed out

Reggio Emilia

Although the championship celebration will be held at Giuseppe Meazza, when the time comes, the Inter players will not watch the duel in Reggio Emilia in an organized manner.

"We are free, we will watch the game each with our family. We are not asking for anything from anyone, if we secure the title today, it will be our merit." "To win, you have to sacrifice, give up, follow the path that leads you to the results ...

Not all paths are the right paths, I found a group that started rowing together and shared a dream, the one about entering the history of Inter, and to succeed you have to be a winner, otherwise you remain one of many, "Conte said.

It would be really hard to imagine that Inter would not win the title this year given the advantage they have but also the game that is great this season. Most are happy with the end of Juventus' dominance and the fact that in the future we can watch a much more competitive Serie A, which will certainly arouse bigger interest.

Inter did a great transfer deadline this season, and everything went well for them, unlike their rivals. There is little time left and after that Inter can celebrate.