Guardiola prepared an offer for Kylian Mbappe

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Guardiola prepared an offer for Kylian Mbappe

Pep Guardiola did not waste his time in Paris, except that he gained an advantage before the rematch of the Champions League semifinals in Manchester, the Spanish strategist used his stay in the City of Light to establish re-contact with Kylian Mbappe.

The French striker whose contract expires next season, due to the fact that he has not yet extended his cooperation with Paris, is the target of many European giants, and at the top of the list of interested is Manchester City, who took the race with Paris, but also Real and Liverpool.

According to L'Equip Guardiola, he talked with the striker during City's visit to France and expressed a clear attitude that he wanted to see him in his team, but did not get the desired answer. Although Mbappe did not decisively reject the possibility of moving among the Citizens, there was no concrete progress in the negotiations, but such an epilogue, according to the same source, did not discourage the strategist of the Premier League.

Interested clubs

The striker, who experienced a complete explosion of play against Monaco in 2017 as a Monaco player and drew Guardiola's attention, is closer today than ever to clubs that have been following him closely for seasons, taking into account that negotiations with PSG are not going so well (related to a contract extension).

The French club, although prioritizing the signing of a new contract that has been announced several times, has entered a serious race against time, bearing in mind that if they fail in the mission, Mbappe will become a free agent from July 2022 and he will leave for free The situation in PSG is the reason why, in addition to City, Real and Liverpool have been hunting for Mbappe for months, and it is estimated that, in the event that the contract with PSG is not extended, the price of the French would fall to 120,000,000 euros.

When it comes to finances, it is certain that all candidates are able to satisfy the attackers' appetites, but an important factor in the 22-year-old's decision will be the motive for titles, and Real's advantage over competitors is the fact that Mbappe does not hide his desire about wearing a white jersey.

On the other hand, City is aware that they urgently need to find a successor to Sergio Aguero and a long-term goal scorer, and that this is the only opportunity to bring Mbappe into their team, and it is expected that the contact made in Paris is just an overture to further negotiations. .